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[Max] General Discussion / Re: Max extremely slow to close
« on: Yesterday at 13:05:34 »
I only use local files today, or rather did for past 2 years. And still this issue started only few months ago. So that definitely wasn't aspect of it I believe.

[Max] Feature Requests / Re: Mapping source for CBitmaps
« on: 2023-06-03, 10:17:02 »
Re-reading Tom's answer just shows there is confusion what the MappingSource is, even though it's right in the name.

OP mentioning one-node to rule it all, in this specific context, means one-node to rule all parameters of Bitmap. I.e Tiling, Offset, Blur, Crop, Filtering, etc..
It does NOT mean controlling anything other.

Triplanar, CC, and MappingRandomizer are their own separate nodes, they don't replace any parameter of BitmapNode. It's completely different category of Node. None of them are "controllers". MappingSource is maybe weird name chosen by Vray, other softwares usually called it "UV Coordinates" which illustrates it's just detached Bitmap control centre.

I mean it's ok for Corona Devs to disregard requests because they don't think they need it. But at least try to understand what is being requested.

[Max] Feature Requests / Re: Mapping source for CBitmaps
« on: 2023-06-03, 09:55:54 »
Triplanar completely overrides UVW mapping. It's fully exclusive with use of Mapping Source.
The UVW controls of Triplanar are useless if I want to use mesh UVWs.

I am lost why this is lost in this thread :- ). I mean Vray already has it anyway, what would be issue for Corona devs to just take it? Every other renderer including Unreal is using it in same way. In fact, Mapping control being done inside BitmapNode is rather unique to Max and Cinema perhaps, since they didn't use nodal network from get go.

Mapping source is not alternative to any existing Corona node, Tom is wrong about this. It's replacement for Bitmap node controls. A vastly superior one.

Yes, it's needed. BUMP + 1

[Max] Feature Requests / Re: Mapping source for CBitmaps
« on: 2023-06-01, 15:56:28 »
Once mapping randomizer gets multiple inputs, you will be able to do just that in Corona as well. Its UI is quite different, but i think it's just a matter of getting used to it.

Can you illustrate it please? I am not sure it's the same. In my opinion the multi input/output would coexist well with mapping source node.

Hardware / Re: Best PSU for a RTX 4090 build?
« on: 2023-05-31, 23:01:26 »
I didn't even try to calculate anything, with 4090, it's nVidia itself who uses 850W as minimum and 1000W as optimum for Founder's Edition model. This is both for turbo boost (FE edition is 450W by stock, 3rd party use 500W often), but also transient spikes, where even high quality PSUs (particularly Seasonic Focus, very popular range, had issue with this) would aggressively use surge protection and just shut down. With higher watt capacity, transient spikes will use more of PSU's regular capacity before they use peak power.

This is where the new ATX 3.0 PSUs offer benefits as they guarantee 3x Transient for PCIe and 2x for full system. Whether the manufacturers follow this to letter is debatable but it's there.

If this was even more expensive PC, I might be inclined to suggest 1200W, and I would suggest even 1600W for Threadripper/Xeon + 4090W, but in this case the 1000W should be good choice.

Hardware / Re: Best PSU for a RTX 4090 build?
« on: 2023-05-31, 19:21:16 »
1) Multiple monitors don't influence how much power GPU consumes to big degree. Sure it affects performance, in both desktop and GPU powered applications, but at best it will just raise the idle draw by tiny bit.
2) Desktop monitors don't take any power from PSU, they have their own internal PSU (in majority cases internal), so power goes exclusively from power outlet. That would be different only for portable USB-C monitors that can take upstream both power and data signal (displayport through usb) but even those require their own power source for any reasonable brightness/resolution.

So very much inconsequential :- ) 1000W would be good no matter what in your case.

Hardware / Re: Best PSU for a RTX 4090 build?
« on: 2023-05-31, 09:46:08 »
Model on the Tier A list is "RMx SHIFT" (the one with connectors on the side) not RM1000e, no?

Both options are listed in A-tier list. The main difference isn't the Shift imho but RMe vs RMx platform, with RMx having better capacitators and fan and should be slightly more expensive.
Yeah maybe that's the better option.

But you can always get non-ATX 3.0 older PSU which for same price would probably be Platinum instead of Gold. It's always debatable whether the newer thing is worth it. I have some Seasonic Platinum PSUs running to 10 years like new! I keep swapping them between PCs. So good PSU is solid investment, for me it's mostly about safety. I don't want my house to burn down :- ).

Hardware / Re: Best PSU for a RTX 4090 build?
« on: 2023-05-31, 09:22:23 »
Those 1200-1600W were originally created for multi-GPU setups which have died in meantime (not even Quadro cards have NV-Links anymore, and multi-cards don't fit now when they're 3-Slot or even 4-Slot lol).

1200 vs 1000W is debatable, I personally like bigger because the PSU will usually run fanless when in less than 50perc. operation. It also provides even more protection for current spikes (when your GPU suddenly decides to eat 800W for fraction of second, etc..). Lastly it benefit overclockers who plan to run the CPU at 300W and GPU at 600W territory.

But 1000W will be fine. But don't even think about going less.

Hardware / Re: PC vs Macbook Pro for rendering speed
« on: 2023-05-31, 09:16:30 »
As long as you will have powerful windows desktop or use cloud services to render bigger final images, you will be fine.

Contemporary Intel and AMD laptops are roughly 2X faster in multithreaded rendering, but they only got that fast in last year, before that, M1/2 architecture decimated everything.
Also, the big Windows workstation laptops are heavy and loud machines, while Macbook is beautiful, still very thin thing.

If you want to get Macbook, get Macbook. It's not purely rational decision, you need to enjoy working on the machine and if your heart is set you would just be dissapointed by else.

Hardware / Re: Best PSU for a RTX 4090 build?
« on: 2023-05-30, 23:34:17 »
Choosing PSU is little bit of alchemy :- )

Short & Easy way: Any 1000W (or more), Gold-rated (or more, Platinum/Titanium, but this gets costly), and from reputable brand with good warranty (Seasonic, EVGA, Corsair, Super Flower, etc..).

In Depth: A bunch of fanatics keep compiling a Tier List of every PSU on market:

Why they do it, is because one brand, like Corsair for example, sources their PSUs from many different OEMs, so one model can be actually made by Seasonic, and other by CWT.
Each generation and revision can likewise be completely different, a difference of problematic due to tiny issue with spikes, noise/etc..
This list follows those changes.

If you would like the latest technology in ATX 3.0 like EPS12V connectors, then Corsair RMe Series RM1000e made their A-Tier list and looks to be very affordable 150 Euro/USD.

Gallery / Re: Audi R8 - CGI
« on: 2023-05-30, 18:57:52 »
Happy to see this here too :- ) Great work

[Max] General Discussion / Re: Intel Denoiser prefiltering
« on: 2023-05-29, 23:47:08 »
Curious for answer too. nVidia's Optix Denoiser gets updated automatically by drivers, I wonder how often Optix receives updates, it's definitely the best denoiser right now in Corona.

But aren't those printed drawings from BIM?

I can imagine architect bringing simple BIM (even SketchUp) model on iPad to meeting and just letting the AI quickly illustrate it in style.

Just try them :- ) The effect is quite obvious. But if you have previews of some IES package, they look "vertical/narrow".
Corona I think comes with some.

The main ingredient is parameter "light directionality" but for spotlights you can simply use IES that have strong directionality already embedded in their profile.
That will ensure light will not diffuse too much before it hits the targed. In interior, that will create dramatic effect of strongly lit surface from above, and dark from sides.

Of course, the overall balance, and multitude of photographic tricks also play a role, but, directionality is important start.

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