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Gallery / Re: IZARO HOUSE MX
« on: 2024-07-01, 16:28:29 »
Nice images! Great job!

Can anyone tell me why this is happening? And how to fix it?

Some frames render with either wrong or off-color bloom+glare.

Often I'll render an animation with visible corona lights and this flickering will happen on *some* lights.

Corona 12 daily Jan 29. Max 2024.1

This has plagued me for quite a while, so I don't think it's specific to this version.


[Max] Bug Reporting / Cosmos material import erorr
« on: 2024-06-17, 16:11:45 »

Just a small error. If I import "Wall Paint Fine Grain 01 White 100cm" the textures do not seem to come with it. 3dsmax + windows 10.

It clearly has textures in the preview... so not sure what's going on. Other white wall plaster materials import fine.


Hi devs,

Something that's bugged me for a loooooong time, and remains unfixed is the color picker forgetting it's temperature.

It always defaults back to 1700, so there's no way of knowing which temperature was set.

Can this please be fixed?

Many thanks!

[Max] Feature Requests / Re: GAUSSIAN SPLATTING
« on: 2024-06-12, 11:05:56 »
Hello James Vella,

I've been using photogrammetry for a long time, for the Palace of Versailles, INRAP, CMN and other major French organizations, for heritage digitization. It's a functional technology, but it requires a lot of resources, first for capture, then for digitization, then for optimization. And some elements can't necessarily be optimized; they have to be reworked. Vegetation, for example. Don't hesitate to try out gaussian splatting, you'll be surprised by the results. It's quick to set up, with only 80 photos in my example, it's very light, 1M vertex for the whole neighborhood, it's quick to generate, 1 hour of calculation on a 3080ti, and the rendering of vegetation and details is very interesting.  It's very complicated to get this quality so quickly in photogrammetry, which is why the organizations I work for are also very interested in this technology, but it can also be applied to archviz, when Corona will be compatible!

Here's a quick experiment with Corona rendering,

Thank you & have a nice day!
Best regards.

This looks pretty incredible. This was with 80 renders? Just various random views and angles? What res were the renders?

I also LOVE that opening where it shows the point cloud and morphs into the render - is this bespoke or you found it somewhere? I'd love any links to resources you've used.

I've been struggling with some large-scale webgl based projects and splattering might save my day...

Gallery / Re: Urban Garden in Berlin
« on: 2024-06-06, 20:16:19 »
Nice work, guys!

Off-Topic / Internet in basement?
« on: 2024-05-30, 11:20:01 »
I know this is way off topic but I come to the Corona Brains Trust once again...

I'm hoping to put 2 of my PC's down in my basement. It's nice and cool and dust free.

Home office with 3-4 PC's is just too noisy and hot, I want to clean things up a bit. Obviously I need to have internet access down there. It doesnt necessarily have to be LAN, I'm toying with the idea of a VPS if I can get a 2nd reliable internet connection down there.

The basement is approx. 30m away from my apartment. It's 1 floor down but not directly underneath me. I live in an complex of 6 apartments so there are other basements (aka storage rooms) down there too. Access is through 2 heavy thick doors. I can't simply stretch an ethernet cable down there as that'd piss off the neighbors.

My current solution is working but it's rather limited. I bought a new 4G SIM and have it in a cheap Huawei 4g wifi router. In the basement I get speeds of max 50mb download and max 3mb upload. The upload speeds are killing my productivity.

If I take the same router outside, right next to my entrance I get 160/60mb down/up. These speeds would be totally fine. I tested my phone in the basement on the same 4g network and got the same speeds (50mb/3mb) - so I'm not sure buying a new router will help much? Bigger antennas maybe? Maybe I can somehow weave an antenna out of my basement door incognito? I guess 5G will be even less likely to penetrate the basement walls?

My first thought is to use a powerline adapter. But I have no idea if my power is shared between my own apartment and that in the basement. Even if it is I still have no way of knowing if a powerline adapter will work though all the building circuitry. I doubt that the power down in the basements is communal though so I don't think the neighbors will be paying for my PC's to render 24/7.

I asked my building manager if my power is shared between my apartment and the basement but he kind of refuses to answer me as he's convinced I'm trying to build a crypto mining setup down there. We rent, rather than own so I can't go drilling any holes or anything...

The walls are concrete. My basement room is buried in the middle of the building but one of the walls is the concrete exterior wall. I'm astonished that I get reception in there at all to be honest but it does work fine for downloads.

Am I out of options? Is there anything I'm missing?

Many thanks for any ideas!

I remember reporting something like this years ago. Amazed it's either returned or come back.

I have a script button that turns off all scatters (and hides them). It's a great time-saver.

sounds exciting....

@devs - can i ask something, one thing that has bothered me for years and i dont know the mechanics of what goes on behind the scenes in terms of code.  But the heavier a scene gets, the more longer it takes for parsing/IR to work.  Sometimes, on repeated IR activation's, it takes over 20 seconds or so on heavier scenes.  Now, i assume its taking longer obviously due to geometry/poly count + the increase in textures etc.... if this is the case, wouldnt it be possible to pre-load these (cache) them in so that it starts quicker?  & any NEW geometry/texture additions should be calculated from scratch and loaded into cache? again, i have no idea about code and its way out of my depth but i was just wondering if it was at all possible.

Because the thing is this.  I moved to Corona many moons ago due to its ease of use.  It got rid of the technical aspect that vray had in terms of scene setup/settings.  It just works.  However, with heavier scenes, i feel as though there is a bottleneck in terms of optimisation.  Scenes get heavy and slow, IR works poorly and we are left to our own devices to figure out how to optimise.  Scenes tend to feel 'dirty' if that at all makes any sense.  Apart from what i mentioned above and ive said this before, it would be awesome to also, in the short term, provide a dignostic tool to help us understand where teh bottle necks are.  WHY the IR is taking long - is it a 320MB TIF file?  is it loading multiple proxies or a 300,000,0000 polygon item that has turbosmooth set to show only during render (which has a iteration of 5) - a diagnostic tool is somehting that i feel can be achieved relatively easy as its jsut data, data that is currently understood by Corona - we just need it transposed to meaningful and clear text to us, the users....

anyway, hope this all makes sense.

Just lots of stuff needing doing before a daily comes out, big blocks of code that can't be released in stages; and then in combination with the last week or so being full of statutory holidays meaning things move to next week or so. On the plus side, should then mean a lot in that next update, including the first appearance of "export to Vantage" functionality.

The new Pulze SM has an update that does a diagnostic like this. It's nothing special, but for you it might be a good start...

Just lots of stuff needing doing before a daily comes out, big blocks of code that can't be released in stages; and then in combination with the last week or so being full of statutory holidays meaning things move to next week or so. On the plus side, should then mean a lot in that next update, including the first appearance of "export to Vantage" functionality.

Holy cow...

i must say, in all these years, activity around dailies has been abnormally quiet - is something going on?

Agreed! Never seen such a large gap between dailies. Odd...

[Max] Bug Reporting / MultiTexture odd behaviour
« on: 2024-05-07, 21:46:17 »
I used to do the 'batch add textures' to the multitexture node and it would automatically set the number of slots.

Now, if the number of bitmaps I select is less than the number set it won't remove those empty slots.

I recall this used to work correctly. Right?

[Max] Bug Reporting / Linked objects and Decal
« on: 2024-05-03, 16:14:35 »
I'm sure this must've been reported already but it seems that I cannot apply an exclusive decal application to only a single object which has other objects linked to it.

I doubt it's intended to work this way, so it seems like a bug to me.

Happy to try to reproduce if it's not easily done so by devs.

Corona latest daily. Max 2024.2

I think moving legacy materials from CML to Cosmos without converting them to physical, would be a crime.

Personally I think moving everything to Cosmos in general is a crime. Much prefer the UI of Corona Material Editor (although it is slow!), and importing from Cosmos always seems like a.... fragile process at best.

I know a lot about children bicycles though.

Heh, I know the feeling.

Thanks again. My PC guy is updating the components list faster than I can keep up with. Please see latest, any red flags? Still a RAM mismatch?

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