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[Max] Feature Requests / Some improvements to proxies
« on: 2021-08-04, 19:12:27 »
Continuing the last post on this thread, I have a few feature requests.

1- it would be nice if there's an "auto-rename" when a name already exists.
2- it would really nice to have proxies like Smart Objects in Photoshop. First you convert an object to a proxy; if you want to edit it, you right click and choose edit proxy, in which case a new 3ds max opens with the proxy ready to be edited. Then you close that 3ds max window and save. The proxy in the main 3ds max window gets updated.


[Max] Feature Requests / Fuzziness option in material
« on: 2021-07-22, 18:16:22 »
Most of the times with fabrics you need very tiny hairs sticking out randomly.
Also most of the times this is solved with a falloff, which doesn't really give a realistic effect.
Using hair and fur seems overkill.

What if...
In the material, you have a checkbox "fuzziness", which creates pixels in a curly line with an offset to the fabric, same color as the underlaying color, that reacts to light by increasing gamma only where the light hits, as translucency.

This would NOT be an effect for close up views. It's just to add softness to a fabric.

I always want my textures to look sharp, but can't use the same bitmap node for diffuse and bump because bump mapping doesn't seem to work ok with blur at 0.1. So I need to copy the bitmap node (or even worse, a multimap nose) to use one in diffuse and another in bump.

If there was a blur node I could use the same bitmap for everything and just plug this node to change the blur depending on where it goes.


It'd be very helpful to be able to exclude some lights from the "render hidden lights" checkbox, like the sun and environment.
This would be helpful when working on interior scenes with a sun. When you isolate the object IR shows an over bright image, obviously. If we could exclude certain lights from the "render hidden lights" checkbox in render overrides, we would avoid the need of changing the exposure when isolating objects.

Thank you.

[Max] Feature Requests / Render selected through refraction
« on: 2021-06-15, 18:05:14 »

When I choose render selected and the object that I mean to render is behind a glass, it won't render. If I select the glass too, everything behind it's refraction will be rendered too.

It's be really good to be able to select something behind refraction and still be able to render just that.



Is it a known...behavior, that the performance in rendering with corona stalls when using a color bitmap in opacity?

3DS Max 2020 - Corona 6.1

See video below (everything works fine until I switch to a color bitmap for opacity):

If would be great if we could right click copy, and then paste the color of the lights in the Light mix UI, for both 3Ds Max's and CIE.
Thank you.

[Max] I need help! / I'm getting buckets on IR in Corona 6
« on: 2021-04-02, 17:33:13 »
Hi Dev team,

I have Max 2020 and Corona 6.1.
Any idea why I'm getting these buckets on IR refresh? It started happening a few weeks ago ASFIK.

In this particular case I'm just changing the value of the bump...

I'm looking for an expert polygon modeler to model furniture for me.
This is for a current project but also for a long term relationship.
The modeler will need, in most cases, to model based on photos and some times basic CAD.
The quality expected is that of objects found on
Only modelers that can achieve realism will be considered.
Also Important is the ability to create excellent textures.
The models will be used in 3ds max and it would be a plus to have them without collapsing the stack in order to control the number of polygons with a modifier.
Please, send samples of your work and your rates.
Location: anywhere.
Thank you.


Hey there.

I can't help but to be disappointed that Chaos cloud is still not available for Corona users.

Two YEARS ago I inquired here in the forum and the answer was this:
There is a reason it was renamed to Chaos Cloud from VRay Cloud ;)

What happened? Is it available to Corona users or not?

Will Chaos cosmos be available for us too or not?

Hey dev team.
I just wanted to say that I'm very happy with the option Randomize each Tile in the UVW randomizer map. In combination with Triplanar it makes everything so easy.

[Max] Feature Requests / Corona Multi Material
« on: 2021-02-02, 16:04:04 »
A new material that is the same as CoronaMultiMap but for the inputs it takes full materials instead of maps.
This will allow to randomize different materials on each mesh element for example, each with different reflection maps, etc...

Could you add a randomize by bercontile like Multitexture has?
Multitexture works, but it would be better to use corona's node.

Hey all.

I just wanted to recommend you a small script that lets you go from perspective view to the last camera you were using.
I use it all the time.

[Max] Resolved Bugs / Bad allocation exception
« on: 2020-12-02, 16:41:36 »
Sending screenshot attached and minidump

Windows 10
3ds max 2020
Corona 6.1

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