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"too realistic" ha, what a complaint :)

Have you tried to new aerial perspective, it's kinda what you want....

Off-Topic / Multi-machine install help?
« on: 2021-09-22, 14:39:22 »
Hello smart people,

I'm all about saving time, and recently with my heavy workload I've been using a lot of DR rendering (sort of, I'm using Pulze Render Manager - highly recommend) on multiple machines.

However, I'm losing a lot of time manually installing updates (to Corona Dailies, latest Pulze release etc etc) on each machine.

Is there a process or some soft of software that people are aware of that somehow manages this for me? I tell it to install X update on all machines?

Thanks for any tips!

General CG Discussion / Re: Arrange / Distribute Objects
« on: 2021-09-16, 08:31:43 »
what is missing from Array tool in 3ds max?

Honestly I don't know what's missing from it. But this - to me - is an awful tool. I have no idea what it wants, I never get the expected results.

General CG Discussion / Re: Arrange / Distribute Objects
« on: 2021-09-15, 08:06:01 »

That looks handy. I don't have any tips, but posting here in case someone comes up with a solution.

I wouldn't over-complicate it with gamma?

That being said: Some combination of MultiMap plugged into the UVW?

Or do a floor-gen on the object (so long as it's a flat surface, probably isn't?) and do a multimap onto that?

Off-Topic / Re: 3DS Max script help
« on: 2021-09-09, 15:12:16 »
Amazing, thank you again mate.

Super helpful stuff, my workflow is buzzing now thanks to your help

Off-Topic / Re: 3DS Max script help
« on: 2021-09-09, 14:16:47 »
Ok, now I'm here to bother you smart folk once again...

I have this following script:

Code: [Select]
((LayerManager.getLayerFromName "100_SS")).current = true "Layers" "SceneExplorerSetActiveLayerAsParentLayer"

((LayerManager.getLayerFromName "0")).current = true

It's intended to set my "100_SS" layer as current, move the selected objects to that layer and then set default layer back as current. It works perfect :D

However, I also want to make this more useful by turning it into either a button or keyboard shortcut. I've done this previously with other snippets of code with the following:
Code: [Select]
macroScript AACollapseLayers

This doesn't work. ā€ˇParenthesis "( )" in the wrong place, or something, but no matter what I try, I can't get this to work. Any tips?

Much appreciated!

Off-Topic / Re: 3DS Max script help
« on: 2021-09-09, 13:15:16 »
Seems to work!

Thanks mate, appreciate it :D

Off-Topic / Re: 3DS Max script help
« on: 2021-09-09, 09:34:10 »
Hi hi,

Another maxscript related question seeing as you answered the last so well :)

I want to turn off a specific layer (the layer is called 100_SS) with a simple little MaxScript

I know this must be possible, but my maxscript skills are not quite up-to-scratch...

Thanks in advance!

Gallery / Re: Minimal AP_7
« on: 2021-09-08, 08:31:51 »
Nice job!

There is something very special about the natural light in this scene.

What was your set-up?

Well done.

To clarify:

I'm not using a Boolean at all.

The distance object is the invisible object (red line pointing to it from the word "distance").

The error is in the green square to the left - the white waves shouldn't be visible in that object....

The green objects are just regular glass-like materials, no distance or boolean added to these.

I would say for sure this isn't expected behavior at all.... which makes me think my explanation wasn't quite right, sorry.

Work in Progress/Tests / Re: Earth with atmosphere
« on: 2021-08-31, 14:31:09 »
I've always wanted to try this out!

I hope we can better protect this beautiful home of ours...

Great work. Well done


Hopefully the screenshot is clear enough: when I have an opacity map plugged in via a coronadistance node it works fine, but if the object that should be invisible intersects with another glass-like object, it is visible in the glass....

Not the outcome I wanted, but not sure how to deal with this now?

Is this expected behavior, or a minor bug?

Corona 8, daily July 28



Yes, I was thinking about this report more once I posted it.

You're 100% right. This makes sense when I want to do a render 'inclusion' (ie; render only certain objects). Of course I don't want the background to render.

However, one thing I forgot to clarify was that the 'include/exclude' list is set to 'exclude'... so I don't want to exclude the background, but it is excluded anyway...

In my eyes, this is a mistake... I understand why the background is excluded, but it doesn't make much sense... I only want to exclude the objects (thus the background should be excluded only where the objects occlude it)

Does this make sense?


The following set-up is buggy (however, I'm doing this in a very complicated scene that's had it's fair share of errors - so it is possible that this is scene related)

 - Render selected mode set to "include/exclude list". I have 2 (very large) objects selected.
 - One of these selected objects above has "cast shadows" disabled.
 - I'm using Corona Sun+Sky for environment lighting
 - But using 'direct visibility override" set to a HDRI bitmap (connected through a colour-correction then CoronaSelectMtl.)

With this set-up the background renders black. This is the bug.

As soon as I disable the 'render selected' the background bitmap reappears.

I know this is kind of niche, but hopefully this can be replicated.

Max 2021 / Corona 8 daily build Jul 28.

Good luck and thanks!

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