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This is an old feature I used to benefit a lot with Mental Ray, named as "Render Subset of Scene/Masking"

There are times we need to add people, plants or other objects after an animation rendering is completed. The Render Selected feature can be used to render objects separately with alpha, but this way you can't have shadows, reflections, GI effects of the object in relation to the existing surrounding objects. Adding Shadow Catcher Material to the rest of the objects can help render shadows but it requires extra work and poses a risk of saving the scene with Shadow Catcher Materials assigned, unless you save it with another name.

I'd be more than happy to have this feature at hand.

* * * I really appreciate your efforts  * * *
*    T   H   A    N    K         Y    O   U    !   *
:D :D :D

Rendering is moving on.

[Max] I need help! / Re: shadow catcher
« on: 2021-07-15, 09:21:28 »
This doesn't seem wrong actually, if I get it right.

The lights are area lights and lights of this size normally cast this type of shadows.
You can try the light's Directionality parameter to make the light rays parallel.

See if it helps.

Or simply reduce the light rectangle's size and/or move the light away from the object.


Here is a screenshot :

Try deleting this & your scene will not crash anymore.

(Report ID=CRMAX-779)

It worked in this case but I needed a force to pust the particles in the right direction. I tried Gravity and the same thing seems to happen.

Any progress in determining the reason under this. Any ideas on what  I can use to force these particles without crashes?

While I use UHD Cache as secondary algorithm, with,

Animation (Flicker Free)
Try to Load +Append
Save to File


rendering time is improved compared to when each frame is rendered from scratch.
The file size normally increases by time but the rendering time, first decreases gradually but increases as the rendering progresses without any noticaeble quality difference compared to the same frame rendered with a new UHD Cache file.
In a current scene I left the machine to render during the night and after about 200 frames, the rendering time was 2.09 at frame 2048.
I chose a new cache file and restarted. After the first frame is complete, rendering time is 1.07. Almost a minute of performance gain doubling the previous.
Normally rendering from the new UHD Cache file presents a very slight difference in overall image brightness but luckily it is not noticeable in my current scene and I moved on with the new cache file.

Previously it was reported that rendering would take about ten hours (which was stretching towards a clean 11-12 hours. It is now 6.30 hours left.

I believe there is no resource problem in the machine rendering this scene. With a totally fresh 2 TB's of SSD drive and a total of 128 GB's of RAM.

I would love to draw a performance/time graph by but I'm kind of busy right now. It seems to go down a soft slope.

ps. The Captcha window in the ticketing system has a problem in my browser (Chrome) its vertical size is limited to the Captcha area. You have to move a slider to see the blocks. It doesn't verify anyway.

Best regards.

Thank you very much indeed Avi, and all of the team.

That was invaluable. I might think of the particles but I would never think of the wind spacewarp causing this.

I have to find a way to push the particles now.

I am very grateful.

I've sent the minidmp files, presumably containing the crash data from this scene yesterday and also sent a 2021 zip file(Ihope). I don't have MAx 2021 myself but saved to Max 2021 to test on other PCs.

Today I am sending the minidmp file from a friends pc with the file rendering the scene in 2021. It may be the most accurate file. I couldn't find the other two error log files (xml) for this one.

This is the file name with the usual upload method:


It is a max archive.

I've rendered the substance maps to bitmap files and simplified the material. Still crashing in a few frames.

I need to add one more thing:
I have rendered this scene until around frame 400. Right now I started rendering from frame 558. Crashed at 560. Frames after 400 are causing crashes.
Rendering this scene on a Dell Prec.7810 ws. Dual Xeon E52640V3. I also tested on an I7 3930 K and a Ryzen Threadripper PC. (Don't know exact specs.) That's a friend's PC.

Right now started from 561, rendered 562, saved and crashed.

I have uploaded the file to dropbox.

I notice that the material of object named IGE1 (and 4 other copies of the object) renders black. That is because I was trying to replace potentially problematic materials like Skin (SSS) with simpler materials. Converted many polygon objects to mesh.
There is a substance material which I thought might be a problem but changing it  with a simple material didn't work.

The original material I use for those objects is Material #3. (The one just above the object's current material in the Material Editor)

I'll be uploading in a minute. Thank you.

I don't have any animations on motion blur parameters. I only animated the F Stop as the camera moves among different depths. But I think I'Ll be turning that off, too.

I started the scene from the drug molecule (from a drug data bank site- meaning they are small) and built the entire surrounding over it. There may be scale issues. I couldn't achieve all depths equally focused at the highest possible F-Stop value.

Corona version: 6.2 EDU license

I've been trying to find a way to render a 1750 frame medical animation which is crashing during render, sometimes after rendering 5 frames and sometimes not even a single frame. I have tried literally everything, and consumed all options.

Is it possible to send over a link to my Max 2022 archive scene file in private? It is about 60 mbytes.

Edit: I'm still trying to find a workaround. May be speaking early, too, but as a last resort, I turned of motion blur and depth of field on the Corona Camera object. DOF F-Stop parameter was animated. No crash yet after 4 frames. If it is related to an animated F-Stop parameter, what can be done as a workaround? DOF adds realism to medical scenes.

Thank you

Thank you all for your kind efforts to help.

@wilbertvandenbroek ,  separate layers will give the best control, but I am not very good at controlling multi layer projects. I frequently change things during scene manipulation (most frequently move the camera) and unintentionally mess up everything. That is why I'm trying to avoid multiple renders.
@TomG I am indeed using falloff maps for some of the particles' materials.
@mferster I have disabled shadow casting of the vein object. (I need it to receive shadows so it is enabled) Placed a light in the center of the vein only lluminating the vein with Include function. The vein interior is OK with this. ( I also have Volume materials creating some sort of fog in the distance)  Also added lights from outside illuminating the particles, excluding the vein. This was also ok with one exception: Shadows were too dark.
Now with the HDR idea shadows are ok, too.

I'm working on a medical animation consisting of a camera travelling inside the human vessel, while several particles are passing by. Furthermore, this is a 360 degrees panoramic animation.

Wherever I put the light, there is always a harsh light explosion on the particles passing close by. Highlight compress helps to some extent but still not enough- plus the image looses contrast.
I need the Light exclude function to exclude the particles but illuminate only the vein walls from the center of the vein (which is possible), while with separate light objects, illuminate the blood particles from outside the vein, which is not possible.

I need a soft illumination without harsh hotspots. Any recommendations?

Problem solved by using a Cache Disk operator. With the particles in the viewports got cached, their coordinates during rendering does not change anymore, for whatever reason they had been changing. This seems not an issue with Panorama camera, aspect etc.

Edit: The problem was the Integration Step parameter of the particles. Frame for viewport and Half Frame for rendering.

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