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[Max] I need help! / PLEASE HELP !!
« Last post by samo93leb on Today at 13:46:13 »
hello guys this is my first time posting here hope all is good ,

can someone help me with this issue ?
i try to take into account all settings and everything but I still get noisy grainy renders like this , it takes too too long to render for a simple scene with little reflections .
i wonder what the issue might be , could anyone try to guide me ?
i learnt corona renderer by myself maybe i'm missing few things so ..
thanks in advance , if i could send the file to someone who's ready to check or something ??
thank you so much
[Max] Bug Reporting / Corona Converter doesn't open in max 2022
« Last post by lukx on Today at 07:46:28 »
Corona 7 Converter  doesn't open in max 2022 anymore. When I try to start it I can see it's window blinking for millisecond but it closes right away. Please advice it's quite urgent.
Gallery / Re: Park Lake
« Last post by Vitaliy Kryshchuk on Yesterday at 23:51:50 »
Very nice set of images.
Great lighting and materials!
tnx bro...
Off-Topic / Re: Timing your work as a freelancer
« Last post by dj_buckley on Yesterday at 19:29:31 »
1.  Do you just tell them you don't have the time and don't do the project .... Yes

2.  Maybe staying long at night is just part of the job ..... sometimes, but that's your choice, a good client wouldn't expect you to.

3.  They are usually in the middle of the project, therefore their client is waiting so they need it to be done quickly ... tough, that's not your problem, their client isn't your client.  If the architect hasn't organised CGI's early enough that's their problem to fix not yours.  You set expectations with your client, and they then set expectations with theirs.

4.  When they hear that they have to wait for a month they go away .... Good.  Or you accept the job, but also accept you've doubled your workload and so you're probably going have to find extra time ... late nights.

Not many jobs are 'ideal'.  Sometimes I work late, because I accepted a job with a tight deadline, that's on me.  Sometimes I work late because I choose too, again that's on me.  If a client expects me to work late then I'll either sack the client or never work with them again depending on the circumstances.  You're in control of your own business and when/how you work, so it's up to you, do you want to work on one project and work reasonable hours, or do you want to work on two and work longer hours?  If you accept another job when you're already at capacity, then you're not in a position to complain about long hours.  You chose that.  The alternative is growing.  In order to take on more work, you can either do it yourself and work longer hours, or get another employee/freelancer to help you.  One person can only do so much.  So the choice is yours, reject the job = normal working hours, less money, accept the job = longer working hours, more money, accept the job and hire someone = normal working hours, less money than doing it yourself but more money than not doing it at all.  If you can't afford 'help' then you're not charging enough which is a whole different conversation.

But .... the thing I find most interesting is you said you came from architecture, so must have known how a lot of architects operate, in which case, why are you now surprised that it's no different on the other side.  You're still working with the same people/industry.
[C4D] I need help! / Re: artifacts in render vs interactive
« Last post by burnin on Yesterday at 19:10:09 »
Looks like Z-fighting...
[C4D] General Discussion / Re: 3ds max vs C4D
« Last post by burnin on Yesterday at 18:59:48 »
Well, C4D may not be as maneuverable/feature rich as Max w/ its plugins & file formats support is, but in general it's well known for fast turnarounds - quick & good enough visual deliveries in whole of visual market. Also, lately is getting obvious that Blender is slowly surpassing it as a generalist's weapon of choice. Especially in this specific area - concept designs & development (which architecture, landscape, residential/interior & set designs basically are.
I have a wood texture that in not tileable, and I'm trying to see if I can the the UVW Randomizer's blend feature to help blend the edges where the tiles come together (where'd you typically get a hard edge b/w tiles).

Even if 'Randomize each tile' is checked, you'll still see hard edges—However, if there's a way to set the size of the initial map to say 5'x5' but have the tiles be 4'x4', the blending could occur with that 1' overlap of the textures, thereby obscuring the hard edge. Does anyone know if there's a good way to do this?

Can you please show an example of the texture you are trying to randomize?

Hi George, I've attached a sample texture.
[C4D] I need help! / Re: Mirror Effect in a clear white Environment
« Last post by Schlee on Yesterday at 17:05:08 »
This is the most basic lighting setup in Corona. You need to use shadow catcher material for the ground, set its projection mode to screen and plug solid white Corona color node to its backplate slot. Place Corona tonemap control node between Corona color and shadow catcher and uncheck all 3 its checkboxes if you want the white background always stay the same colour. Lastly plug the same tonemap control node as direct visibility override and you will have seamless transition from the floor to the background. Some terminology might be slightly different between 3ds max and C4D, but i think you should be able to figure out where to plug what.

If someone can help me setup that for Cinema 4D with attached file.... Trying it, but seems that 3D Max works a bit different? :) And I will pay for that!! Please PN :)
[C4D] I need help! / Re: Mirror Effect in a clear white Environment
« Last post by Schlee on Yesterday at 16:57:33 »
If this hasnt been suggested already... you can get a decent result by adding a diagonal gradient on the diffuse, reflection, and glossiness. Adjust the size and level of black/white in the gradient until your happy. I had a client that didnt like the look of a real mirror for product shots and loved the turn out.

cool idea will try that!!!
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