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Not sure what this is but I have a basic layered material setup. I am using the AO map as a mask for a layered material and during rendering I get a complete max crash back to desktop. I can use the interactive render fine no crashes but when I do a final render it crashes during the rendering process. I tested the scene with a basic metal material works fine renders to the end and when I use an AO map as a diffuse renders fine. I also remerged my assets into a new scene still crashes. I updated my corona 7 daily build same crash. My system is only using 18gig of ram during the rendering stage.

My system is a threadripper 3990x, 128ram, win10, 1080ti gpu, Max 2020, corona-7-3dsmax-daily-2021-03-22

Update " Remade the material using the legacy shader worked fine" Must be a bug with the new physical shader.

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AVEUM is a personal project inspired by Roman architecture.

Check out my other work at.

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