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It's exposure. I suppose you're using Corona sun and sky and your exposure is set to 0 - that's way too high for daylight and unless you changed sun and sky intensity from default, it will massively over-blow your scene. Correct exposure for sun and sky is somewhere between -3 and -4.5 depending on sun position and other factors.

I will send a message about it to support team.

I didn't know that you're overriding it per material. Now i see what you want to achieve. I think the problem is that environment/background is not the part of material, or the object. It does not have properties like material ID, or Gbuffer ID and therefore multimap can only assign 1st colour to it. I don't know if it's technically possible to add new randomization mode for environment, but it certainly doesn't look like something that user can currently do. If it's important feature to you, i suggest to make new request in this board:

I thought you want non physical black material, like black hole. If you want to create physically plausible material, like asphalt, then tampering too much with its IOR is definitely bad idea. If your materials are too bright no matter what, then most likely that your exposure is too high. Also you may want to use some sort of tone mapping - by default Corona should use Aces OT which i find gives pretty good results out of the box.

That would be sweet indeed. Thank you!

I just tested it - multimap material works as expected in all 3 environment overrides. Can you share your setup and describe what's exactly not working for you and what you're trying to achieve.

100% rough does not mean that material is not reflective, it means that its reflection is completely diffuse. If you want non reflective physical material, you also need to set its IOR to 1.0

So, i've tried to approach the issue more systematically and set up comparison between various texture rotation methods. My findings are interesting - when normal map is involved, you can only rotate UV coordinates at object level, but not at a map level, otherwise inevitably you will get wrong result. It's not randomizer's fault, you will get the same wrong result if you rotate coordinates in bitmap node, or indeed in Photoshop. It's logical outcome when you think about it. The only solution i can think of, if Corona would remap normal texture on the fly based on W angle rotation. I think technically this shouldn't be hard to do, although it might be quite expensive computationally. It still would be better than current situation where no normal map rotation is possible at a map level.

Below i'm attaching rendered examples. 1st is displacement only, no normal map. This is ground truth. 2nd to 4th - normal map is rotated at object level - renders correctly. 5th and 6th - normal map is rotated at map level - renders incorrectly.

Sorry for not providing the scene, but UV rotation is mess in 3ds Max, each method has its own mind where rotation center should be and even how offset works, so my test setup ended up pretty complicated. On the other hand it's very easy to reproduce the issue, you just need any normal map with distinct features, map it on a plane, create light source with sharp shadows and rotate the texture at the map level (with randomizer, or in bitmap node directly), you should notice the issue in no time.

This is the same issue I was having here right?

Yes, i believe it is.


Please visit Chaos support center and open new support ticket regarding your licensing issue:

Did you try to plug Corona color correct map between AO and material? It has curve control which you can tweak to your heart's content. On the other hand, i support this request, since almost every 3ds Max map has its own output curve control, so i see no reason why Corona AO shouldn't have it either.

Sure, i will prepare the scene and will send it to you. That's 9HF1 - i'm yet to try V10 dailies.

I still think there's something wrong with UVW randomizer and normal maps. Here's two simple renders. In one of them the ground is randomized only by U and V offset and it is rendering correctly. In the other one, W rotation added to randomization and it is clear that the normal map is working incorrectly. Both examples rendered without randomization per each tile. What's interesting is that by changing randomization seed, sometimes you can get normal map working correctly.

[Max] Daily Builds / Re: Corona Slicer Material playground!
« on: 2023-02-05, 14:53:09 »
Just discovered that if you include parent object in Slicer's include/exclude list, then its effect propagate to child objects as well. If it's not the limitation of 3ds max itself, then it would be nice to have an option to affect only included object without its child.

That's for the Corona team to answer. I think i've heard that they want to write their own tool eventually, but i have no idea when, or if that will happen. If you think that's quite important for your workflow, you can leave a message in the most wanted feature topic.

It's a limitation of 3ds Max include/exclude list window. Until Corona will have its own dedicated window, we need to live with this annoying issue.

P.S. in case you didn't know - you still can use splines as include/exclude objects, but you need to pick them from the viewport, or layer explorer and not through exclude/include list window.

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