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[Max] General Discussion / Re: lightmix - lights values
« on: 2024-02-16, 17:54:57 »
You can bake the intensity and color values to the scene lights, before pressing lightmix again.

But yeah, a less cumbersome option to add or remove lights from Lightmix would be great.

This option has it's limitations as the warning says it's braking instancing between the lights, which makes baking pretty much unusable if you have a more complex setup.
We prefered the old handling of lightmix remembering previous values, even though it had been producing some wrong results if extra lights were added in the meantime.

[Max] General Discussion / Re: Price Increase
« on: 2024-01-24, 15:06:43 »

Some level of Vantage support is planned for Corona 12
This makes me sad. It sounds like a major undertaking that will consume tons of resources for the foreseeable future, leaving core features behind.

This on the other hand makes ME very happy. I wasn't really expecting Corona Team taking Vantage support too seriously but I am positively surprised some action is taken towards building grounds for it.

To add to the general topic though, in terms of price increase I am mostly unhappy about having to pay for products I never wanted to use or use sporadically (Phoenix, Chaos Player etc).
Only reason I pay for premium is the floating license. Otherwise I am mostly satisfied with Corona Developement.

I must agree the randomness algorithm that Corona uses is indeed not our favourite. Reading the posts above I kind of understand that randomness does not necessarily mean that two same elements won't appear side by side, although it would be much appreciated if this could be somehow improved?
This has been especially annoying in scatter setups where i.e. way too many cars of the same colour appear one next to another, even with a very high number colour of slots in multimap.

Thanks Maru, happy to hear that!

[Max] Daily Builds / Re: Cryptomatte playground!
« on: 2023-09-18, 17:43:53 »
Is there any way to reduce the number of information that is stored in CXR, and limit it to only elements crucial for Cryptomatte to work?
The main cxr file output often results in extremely large file size. This makes it unusubale for VFX, (I mean try to manage hundreads of frames of 10GB size each).

For most projects we only save the main pass as .CXR, and all the other render elements are saved as JPEGs (with help of Pulze SM).
Cryptomatte element can also be saved as .CXR (keeping everything else as JPEGs), but as I understand, by curent design, this doesn't matter, becaouse in order to use Cryptomatte we still have to use main .cxr pass anyways. Can that be changed, so that if cryptomatte element is set with .CXR extension, it contains all the data (and only that data) that is needed for it to work?

I'm just not sure what contributes to .CXR file size, maybe there's some other way to reduce it for cryptomatte use?

Loading times are our worst nightmare in Max+Corona scenes. They are already pretty high in our most complex files in v9, but they always have been in previous versions too.
But cannot imagine having to wait for file to load even longer.
Thanks for the reports guys, won't be updating to v10 until this is fixed I think.

Hi James!
That's great, thanks a lot, I will test out very soon.
Will also have another look at our scene where we encountered Corona Mix issue, perhpas indeed the problem lays in original bitmap used rather than Mix node.

Can't wait to see another update.
Thanks a lot for your hard work on this!

Thanks James!

To be fair, for our purposes using base layer instead and ignoring everything that happens in CoronaMix is good enough (same with any other non-supported maps).

Whenever we export our 3ds Max model outside to other software it's usually for architects to do some further design adjustments. They don't need to see the exact shader representation in whatever software they import model to, it's just to make it easier for them to read different materiality, not having to go through the hassle of differientiating glass from walls etc.

So as long as whatever can be converted is processed, and whatever is not yet supported receives a warning (ie. that it has been removed from the shader node stack) - we are all good!

This might obviously not be perfect for some other use cases, but for us it's more important that the conversion is actually succesfull rather than 100% acurate.

Hi James!
Many thanks for you script, it works great!
I encoutered a problem in one of our scenese where it gave me an error referring to one of the Corona Mix maps we were using.
All converted fine when I removed this map from the scene. Shall the script be also converting Corona Mix map  to composite?

[Max] Feature Requests / Re: The most wanted feature?
« on: 2023-09-12, 11:20:43 »
Same here,
We're paying for Vantage already even though we need to go through the hassle of converting everything from Corona to Vray. We do plenty of animations and Vantage is really handy to present drafts/previz stuff to clients.
We're pretty dissapointed that is has been taken off Vray Premium Subscribtion though. On the other hand this allows us to only rent it during months we actually use it.

Bumping topic up for v11 since I've seen there are some new features being added to scatter in daily builds.
Would be great to resolve the performance issues of the existing features if possible.

[Scatter] I need help! / Re: Scatter slow-downs?
« on: 2023-09-06, 13:39:17 »
From our experience, using texture maps for density is slowing Chaos Scatter down significantly on the more complex steups.

[Max] Feature Requests / Re: The most wanted feature?
« on: 2023-08-29, 17:59:44 »
+1 for parsing improvements for animations.
Every realease I'm disappointed that it has not made anywhere outside of "pool of big ideas" on Trello board.
No other feature will have such a direct impact on cost of animation rendering as this one could have...

Hi all, we did some tests here and the same scenes appear to be opening slower in V10 compared to V9, however we were not able to reproduce such drastic slowdowns as "20+ minutes". It's only ~10 seconds slower in case of larger scenes with many objects, xrefs, textures, 3rd party plugins, etc (we are not using a teapot scene for this). The files were loaded locally from an M2 drive in 3ds Max 2024 and the time was measured between pressing "open" and being able to move in the viewport.

I assume these tests are being done on the archived scenes that all link to the assets stored in one folder?
The real life scenraio is often that assets are spread across various network locations. Max was always taking longer time to load such scenes, but maybe there's even bigger difference in such scenario between Corona 9 and 10?

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