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You can use our usual uploader:
And get in touch through the helpdesk:

This is a surprisingly hard task! :)
One thing I can think of is making the texture tiles dependent on the geometry faces. So for example if the fabric is supposed to be 10x10 tiles, the object would be a plane with 10x10 faces. Then you could use things like 3ds Max MaterialByElement modifier with Multimap's randomization by Material ID. Or the V8 randomization by polygon.
But if the fabric's geometry is independent from the texture tiling, it really gets tricky.

What I imagine here would be some kind of UVW Randomizer merged with Multimap node. Or Multimap randomization mode "By UVW Randomizer tiles". :)
I'll log it as a general feature request with a simple example and we will see what can be done about it. 

(Report ID=CRMAX-1006)

Sure, let's discuss. There is one issue that comes to my mind:
Let's assume that we have an "additional bump" slot inside the Corona Bump Converter.
How would the user know if that slot accepts "regular" bump maps that work out of the box, or also the special kinds of bump maps that need the Bump Converter treatment?
Or maybe it should accept both types? (if possible)

For now I can only confirm this is known and reported. We will see what exactly we can do about it. Right now I would consider it a known limitation.

(Internal ID=228813297)

[Max] Bug Reporting / Re: Polygon count problem in proxy
« on: 2021-09-27, 14:58:04 »
Thanks for reporting. We are looking into this.

(Report ID=CRMAX-1004)

any luck? same problem here ^^

Since this thread is pretty old, which versions of Corona and Phoenix are you using? If you are using some older versions, please try updating them to the newest ones as the first step.

I was able to locate 2 support tickets about this issue by two users.
In one case, the user stopped responding, so we could not fully understand what was happening or try to reproduce the issue.
In the second case, we were not able to reproduce the issue using the user-provided files and steps.

If you are able to reproduce this issue in the newest versions of Corona and Phoenix, please do let us know as we are interested in looking into this and making sure the Corona+Phoenix integration is as solid as possible.

Hi, sorry for the delay, we will return to you ASAP.

If you have a scene where this is happening consistently, feel free to send it over. If we are able to reproduce the crashes, we may be able to run it through some kind of debugger and find out what exactly is responsible for that.

[Max] I need help! / Re: Caustics flickering in animation
« on: 2021-09-24, 14:01:55 »
We can sign an NDA if you wish. Or maybe you could simplify the scene? (remove 90% of objects and share this version with us)

Has this fix also solved the adaptive light solver artifacts when using environment overrides or is just the fireflies issue?

Reflection Override - High Res Jpeg Pano, Adaptive Light Solver Ticked - Artifacts

Same as above but with Adaptive Light Solver Unticked - Artifacts gone.

I have just checked this and it is working fine now! Good catch!
I can't share the rendering right now because it was a user scene, but can come up with a similar comparison later, or feel free to try it yourself. :)

Why exactly do you need to control an object's visibility in this case?

Currently this is the expected behavior. Visibility only affects the object's surface.

[Max] Bug Reporting / Re: dual CPU issues?
« on: 2021-09-22, 15:55:38 »
@doillo ^could you please try that as well?
Thanks in advance!

[Max] I need help! / Re: Bad allocation DR
« on: 2021-09-22, 13:39:51 »
(continuing by email)

The original issue should be actually fixed in the newest V8 daily build:
Could you please give it a go and / or send us your scene for testing?
If you are fine with that, please upload your scene here and let me know once done:

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