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Quick and hopefully simple request:

My workflow is typically to tonemap during set-up, and then render to linear OpenEXR. I have a tonemapping gizmo that I made for Nuke (it's posted somewhere on these forums) that supports a bunch of different operators, including Corona's own. It'd be nice if I could view the render inside Corona's framebuffer with tonemapping applied, and then save out a linear image. I did make a detonemapper that removes applied tonemapping as well, but it's kind of tricky and I haven't been able to make it work for arbitrary input parameters.

I did some searching but couldn't find a report for this. Basically, the "Enable Filtering" option on render elements doesn't appear to disable anti-aliasing. Utility outputs such as Z-depth, motion vectors and normal/position outputs typically need to be rendered completely without filtering and without anti-aliasing. They should simply return the value for whichever sample is closest to the camera.

Hey everyone,

I wanted to give Corona a go, but I don't currently use Max. So I installed the 30 day trial of Max 2013 and installed it according to the instructions. But, no Corona! Does it work at all in the trial version and there's something wrong with my Max install, or is that a limitation?


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