Author Topic: No tonemapping on output HDR formats  (Read 1089 times)

2014-05-23, 12:29:14

Captain Obvious

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Quick and hopefully simple request:

My workflow is typically to tonemap during set-up, and then render to linear OpenEXR. I have a tonemapping gizmo that I made for Nuke (it's posted somewhere on these forums) that supports a bunch of different operators, including Corona's own. It'd be nice if I could view the render inside Corona's framebuffer with tonemapping applied, and then save out a linear image. I did make a detonemapper that removes applied tonemapping as well, but it's kind of tricky and I haven't been able to make it work for arbitrary input parameters.

2014-12-25, 22:28:21
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after some consideration, this is currently impossible to implement, since there is no way of knowing if 3dsmax will save to LDR or HDR
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