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[C4D] Bug Reporting / Motion Blur Bug with Emitter
« on: 2023-12-17, 14:58:37 »
When you emit particles in this scene and have motion blur active, Corona won't render the object the emitter is under, just the particles. When the emission has stopped and the last particle has died, the objects are rendered again. It's all the same if the particles are baked or not.

Corona V11, Cinema 4D 2024.2, Windows 10

Gallery / Ninja Landscaping
« on: 2023-08-21, 15:16:44 »
It's just a warning: Don't let AI controlled gardening devices in your garden!

There will be a higher-res version once temperatures lower and rendering is not a punishment anymore.


[C4D] Daily Builds / Cloud Phase parameter
« on: 2022-10-13, 21:46:38 »
In my tests I found that the Phase parameter for the new clouds doesn't do anything for the cirrus clouds but for the stratus and cumulus type ones. I think it should be relocated in the GUI.

The seed parameter also does not alter the cirrus population / distribution. It'd be nice if it did.

[C4D] Resolved Bugs / 100% light directionality isn't that
« on: 2022-09-30, 21:43:21 »
I have an area disc light with 100% directionality, but the light still disperses conically - otherwise it would stay parallel and just illuminate the cylinder cap.
Bad for laser effects in fog.


C4D 2023.0, Corona V9 RC1, Windows 10

[C4D] Daily Builds / Corona Pattern
« on: 2022-08-20, 00:46:59 »
Thanks for that interesting tool!
What would be great now were some ready-made pattern building blocks for instant experimentation.

I am using a pose morph with a target rig in this file, but the IR does not refresh when I move the pose slider.

Cinema 4D S26.015, Windows 10, Corona 9 daily from May 23.

When you are working with materials that require "huge" displacement values, the preview rather quickly becomes "unreadable" or black while the preview rendering starts to take up very long times.

Now Ales Krivak from Chaos Czech reminded me I can increase the scale of the preview "ball" (or whatever) to always get a proper preview, but I don't think that people usually go there and make changes (nice workaround, though).

My suggestion is capping the values to a certain fraction of the preview scale. Usually the preview sphere has a size of 36 cm, the other shapes are around the same size. So the capping could be 15% to 20% for min/max here.

You cannot save the value of a Simple Exposure in the Corona camera tag as a preset.
It was working in the Version 9 daily from May 10, it is broken in the Version 9 daily from May 23.

I am not sure it was reported before, so here I go:
When I use IR in the VFB and change the white balance, I trigger a refresh. The other "tone mapping controls" don't.

Win 10, C4D S26, Corona 9 daily build from May 23

[C4D] Resolved Bugs / Variation shader renders wrong bump
« on: 2022-05-25, 20:07:06 »
C4D S26.014 and Corona V9 (daily time stamp May 10) on Win 10:

When you render the attached scene, the bump from the variation shader renders out of place.
When you plug the Variation into Displacement instead of bump, it renders where it should.

When I re-watched the Version 8 webinar, I remembered a suggestion I already made in "Daily Builds". In the Curvature shader presentation it pretty much boilt down to "and this shader is used as a mask for ...".

So here's my request again: Add two outports that provide us with a mask for concave and one for convex. It saves us from having to change the colors to black and white. Keep the original output, of course, it is useful in some cases. But the masks are needed a lot more often.

When I switch on displacement, I get artifacts along the shadow terminator, even far away from the actual displacement.
The artifacts aren't there without displacement, even at the same polygon density.

[C4D] Feature Requests / Some ideas for Chaos Scatter
« on: 2022-04-26, 21:09:58 »

Here are some suggestion for the Chaos Scatter tool:
- An option to influence which clones are being created where depending on a grayscale map.;topic=36146.0;attach=164192;image

- You can set a "frequency" for the clones in "object / instanced children". It would be nice if the setup field worked like a standard C4D input field and we could also easily reset the value to 1.

- Would it be possible to visualise the camera clipping distance somehow?

- Surface Scattering: Add a min/max height to make it possible to limit the growth - think water level of a lake or growth limit on a mountain.


[C4D] Daily Builds / New Tone Mapping
« on: 2022-04-06, 21:37:53 »
The sorting by category is nice, but not done tidily. It rather looks like accidental indentation than subheadings.

The single ACES parameter is fine for now, much clearer in what it does than the multi parameter one we had before.

[C4D] Bug Reporting / Corona Crash when rendering to PV
« on: 2022-03-23, 23:30:50 »
Corona V8 RC 2, R25.117, Windows 10
Crashes reproducibly in "Preparing geometry 4/21"

Scene and bug stuff uploaded.

It looks like disabling Motion Blur helps (well, it does not help, it just avoids the crash as it seems).

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