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Dear ARCHICAD users!

Let's start your ARCHICAD 23 and install this daily build right away!

The main new features are that this daily build is powered by Corona core 5 and contains ARCHICAD 23 port. Last but not least it brings other important fixes and additions. For more information take a look at our roadmap:

As always, please let us know how can we improve and if you find some bug, please don't hesitate to report so we can fix it ASAP.

Download link:


Changes in Corona Renderer for ArchiCAD Alpha 5 (Daily Build 2020-03-23) (
  • Added
    • ARCHICAD 23 support
    • Reset plugin window UI for a newly created project
    • Added new denoising modes - Intel CPU and Nvidia GPU ( during interactive rendering )
    • Added UVW randomizer texture
    • Added resume rendering functionality. Both Resume last and Resume from file are working as expected
    • Added Clear VFB between renders switch
    • Added rotation and color temperature options into Corona light
  • Changed
    • Geometgry parsing
    • Updated denoising tooltips
  • Fixed
    • Sun in Light Select render element is now working
    • Fixed refreshing of the Corona plugin window UI with saved properties of the current project
    • Fixed material issues when material properties changes were not propagated to the scene during the Interactive rendering session. This will fix also HDRI sky texture Z rotation, etc..
    • Fixed not fully working denoising
    • Fixed denoising functionality in VFB window
    • Fixed FOV change in two-points perspective renders
    • Fixed Enable/Disable functionality for render regions
    • Fixed Enable/Disable of rendering related buttons on the plugin panels
    • Fixed installer will now properly install Corona Image Editor
    • Minor UI tweaks
  • Core
    • Updated to the core version 5


Dear ARCHICAD users, I'm posting another survey - this time regarding PhotoRendering Settings and our Corona rendering panel.

As you can see in the screenshot, they are the same. We brought another unnecessary duplicity and complexity in the UI and therefore considering to remove the Corona rendering panel. By finishing this step we will unify the rendering workflow in AC and keep the standard way for setting the rendering options.
Also, we plan to bring other common AC UI elements to reorder and better group options within the palette.

We assume the PhotoRendering Settings is a very well known palette to you hence this step will be easily utilized.

As always, your feedback is more than appreciated.

We want a simple yet powerful plugin. To make it simpler, we can remove some unused features. What is your opinion on Interactive Palette?

How to handle tutorials on our forum? Do you prefer 1 thread/tutorial or you like more the collection of tutorials in one thread?

Dear ARCHICAD users!
To improve the plugin and bring it to the next level, we are kindly asking for your help.

What and why?

TLDR; We need real life scenes to replace a batch of pillars and walls with some real houses, interiors -> internal testing &research and understanding of your needs.

We [developers and architects] are not on the same wave using ARCHICAD. Our testing scenes are miles away from real-life projects you are dealing with daily.
To improve and understand your needs, we need larger, more complex projects, so we can test editor responsiveness ( Corona Proxy, etc. ), make our test renders, look at how you use materials, lights, and much more...
Please, consider uploading your projects with working links to materials, textures, libraries and everything we need for error/warning free experience.

We understand the majority of your projects are probably under NDA.
Then, some personal work, drafts, exercises will be more than welcome.

Your projects will be safe with us. They will be used strictly with our team and for our internal usage. Your project or any part of your project will be not published or sent to the 3rd parties. If you permit us to publish renders, all images will be credited properly.

Motivation booster - Corona License
To motivate you more we will provide one commercial Corona license for ARCHICAD ( once we release a commercial version ), 3DS Max or Cinema 4D.
I will draw one name from all scene submissions at the end of January 2020.  The winner will be announced in this thread and contacted by our support to handle all the details.

How to upload
Please use our service called Private uploader. We provide this tool for users to upload their scenes so our developers can debug and resolve the subject more quickly.Follow this link to read more about private uploader:


Once again, the discussion is open.
All comments are more than appreciated. Thank you!

Hello everyone!

I'd like to open the discussion about proxies. I feel there is slight misunderstanding and misuse of proxy objects usage in AC right now.
Let's sum it up.

Proxy object ( current implementation )
The current proxy is a GDL object to help to bring custom geometry into AC from a file (like .obj or .cgeo).

Corona proxy ( NOT implemented yet )
Proxies are useful for keeping smooth viewport performance while handling large amounts of high-poly objects in the scene.
This is not implemented in the Corona for AC now - you can't select the geometry and save it as a .cgeo right now.
More info:

What we want to do first, is fully implement Corona Proxy (save and load)
Making .obj importer as a separate GDL object is questionable - it's worth it and should we spend the time on this or rather on another more important functionality?

To keep the discussion rolling, will be obj. loading GDL object a useful feature? Is this a used and trusted way how to bring objects into AC? It's not better to use the objects from some well-prepared library? It's another way how to bring custom geometry into AC(plugin)?

Thanks for your feedback!

Changes in Corona Renderer for ArchiCAD Alpha 4 (Daily Build 2019-10-07) (
  • Added
    • Added new caustics
    • Support of selecting multiple lights via marquee or by picking one by one for the Light Select render element
    • Added Include rest the Light Select render element
    • Added fisheye camera
    • Added spherical camera
    • Added cylindrical camera
    • Added cubemap camera
    • Added VR camera
    • Added bokeh to camera (circular, polygonal, custom)
    • Added lens distortion (cubic or defined by bitmap)
    • Added fresnel effect
  • Changed
    • Updated and improved camera panel
  • Fixed
    • Fixed crash when re-selecting material from Surface Painter
    • Fixed crash when trying to add more than one light at once in the Render Element Shading/Light Select dialog
    • Fixed missing icon for the uninstaller
    • Fixed missing render elements in the VFB window
    • Improved the overall reliability of the VFB window
    • Fixed issue that allows the opening more than one file dialog window via the Select button in the Surface editor
    • Render Elements dialog will not crash when you are selecting a texture for the Texture render element
    • Include sun and Include Environment are now updated to the latest Corona core and are working as expected
    • Improved the behavior of the dialogs (mainly if the Texture dialog was open)
    • Fixed region rendering in the VFB window
    • Fixed units for tweaking DOF settings
    • Minor UI tweaks

Dear ARCHICAD users!

The wait is over and we are releasing the fresh daily build with many improvements and brand new features.
We were focusing mainly on stability and bug fixes. Caustics, updated camera tab with new camera implementations are other changes worth to mention.
Note: uvw randomizer and round edges textures were postponed and they will be delivered in one of the future releases)

As always, please let us know how can we improve and if you find some bug, please don't hesitate to report so we can fix it ASAP.

Download link:


Hello everyone!

We are releasing a new daily build today. The main change in this build is the updated core. Also, assigning textures to the slots is now working correctly. As always, please let us know how can we improve and if you find some bug, please don't hesitate to report so we can fix it ASAP.


Download link:


Changes in Corona Renderer for ArchiCAD Alpha 3 (Daily Build 2019-07-28) (
  • Fixed
    • Fixed issue with disappearing textures from slots.
  • Core
    • Updated to the core version 4.

Welcome to the Corona for ARCHICAD roadmap!

The board on that link will be updated regularly.
It's also possible to subscribe to the board so you will be always perfectly informed.

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