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Check another CG Talks interview. This time we invited Michael Bridges from Canopy Games.

What is the best way to learn Blender and 3d graphics? Let's discover it in our latest CG Talks podcast episode, where we've hosted a special guest Michael Bridges - a Blender 3D tutor, indie game developer, founder of Canopy Games, and a co-host of the Blender Nest podcast.

This time we've discussed the experience of getting into 3d for the first time and various learning approaches. How to advance quickly and in a thorough manner? Is there a real value in taking structured paid courses? Is university any good for a 3d apprentice?

If you’re interested in 3d graphics, learning Blender whether for game development or any other use case, listen to this episode to discover the tutor's point of view and get some inspiration to choose your learning course - You'll find the conversation interesting with a big dose of positive energy and humor!

Have a listen and enjoy!

Hi guys.

Check out our new and very interesting interview with Deepmotion developers.

CG talks S03E10: Deepmotion - future of motion capture

In this episode of CG Talks - the podcast where CG guys talk about Computer Graphics we have very special guests - Mr. Kevin He (CEO and founder of Deepmotion Inc.) and their Product Director Mr. Ergin Dervisoglu together with DJ and Amiel they are going to talk about Deepmotion’s new AI-driven motion capture service and the technology behind it.
You will learn how working on World of Warcraft can inspire creative research on how to automate the animation creation process and lead to opening a cutting-edge tech startup.

- What is the difference between AI and machine learning?
- Is AI going to kill us all (or at least take away our jobs)?
- Is automatic motion capture suitable for professional work?
- How fast does it develop and can it replace expensive equipment?
- Can physics simulation be automated?
- Why did Deepmotion receive an Epic Mega Grant?
- What about face tracking?

If any of those questions ever crossed your mind or at least seem interesting, have a listen to this episode and you just might find the answers.

Let’s dive into the future of motion capture that is happening now with video-based automatic mo-cap cloud service - Animate 3D by Deepmotion.

Attention! There is a nice treat at the end of the podcast for our listeners who want to test out Animate 3D :)

Hey guys.

Andrew here from GarageFarm.NET  Academy!

Our online remote multiartist multisoftware archviz holiday cabin project relase is coming. Check out the teaser.

We will publish the first video this Friday, so stay tuned!

Hey guys.
Here are the renders we came up with. They are “finished” but I hope for your critique and comments so we can make them better.
Any comments and critique is very welcome.

What do you think?

Hi guys

Andrew here from arageFarm.NET Academy.

We have just released a new episode of our CG Talks podcast.

CG talks S03E09: Substance of texturing - interview with Amiel Goco

In this episode of CG Talks DJ and Andrew interview Amiel, our GarageFarm.NET team Substance specialist, and content creator.

We learn about the simplicity and also the huge power of Substance, and get valuable tips on how to get started and create CG materials like a pro.

On top of that, we learn why you shouldn't keep your works on your
HDD even if you think they are not good enough and why Amiel considers himself rather a technical guy than an artist.

Stay tuned for the next episode, we will have an interesting discussion with motion capture software developers.

Hey guys. 

Andrew here from GarageFarm.NET Academy

We have the next update of our collaborative archviz project! As I said in the previous post, we are trying to complete a full architectural visualisation project with the whole team working remotely from different parts of the world and with different software. 

The first thing we needed to do was pick the location for the cabin. It had to have a cool view,  some visible features of a good place for leisure time, and in general, be a good basis for creating a compelling environment. 

DJ took care of that and he has chosen not only the general vibe of the place but actually a real location for the cabin. He did it thanks to the BlenderGIS addon for Blender. It allows the creation of a general model of terrain based on its GIS location from Google Maps or other GIS vendors. 

Here is the place he picked.

Location: Dj checked for different mountain lake locations in different parts of the world, as the idea was to show the cabin design in a spectacular environment immediately communicating vacation mood. 

Finally, he picked English Lake District as a perfect balance between mountain height and family accessible leisure. A place suitable for hiking and canoeing without too many extremes, beautiful sights guaranteed nonetheless.

It has all the features we needed, and we could use Google Maps to find pictures of the location. We used them as a reference for creating the surroundings, like the trees, ground, local technology for roads, small architecture and other features of the landscape and vegetation. 

DJ created a basic model of the terrain with as much detail as possible with the BlenderGIS addon. 

Then he needed to export it so Thomas could build the scene based on that in 3dsMax. He exported it as fbx from Blender. 

The basic exterior layout included some initial scattering of trees and stones blockouts which was also exported as meshes to give Thomas an idea about DJ’s concept which he could then recreate and/or modify using 3dsMax’s tools like Forrest Pack for the final scene setup 

BlenderGIS addon website:

General BlenderGIS addon GUI

Example location in BlenderGIS addon.

The BlenderGIS addon is free and pretty impressive - it allows for Google Maps (and other like OSM) integration inside Blender and directly importing map textures and 3d height data into Blender. 

After some minor mesh corrections, we had a ready base for setting up the cabin’s environment

In the meantime, Amiel created materials for the cabin in Substance. 

Working on the darkwood planks of the cabin external walls. 

Adding detail to back zinc sheets on the facades.

Andrew has finished the model of the cabin. It wasn’t difficult since it’s a perpendicular shape with not very complicated detail. It was modelled in 3ds Max, so it was easy to pass it to Thomas who is a 3ds Max user as well.

Cabin model

Marco helped with the additional elements of the landscape to give more life and countryside vibe to the scene. He created a pier model in Blender and textured it in Substance Painter.

We also wanted to add dome sheep or birds to underline the countryside mood, but we cut that feature to make it before the deadline. But don’t worry - we will create all kinds of variants of the visualisation later. 

Since the location has a lake we created a canoe (in Blender) with Substance textures. 

Tomas job is to prepare the final render. Here are the first interior shots versions (3ds Max + Corona), There is a lot to improve but we have a general setup. 

This is what we have at this stage. We will continue to work on the project and create video tutorials on how the elements were created on the way

Renders straight from Corona.

I'm very curious about your feedback, so don't hesitate to comment!

In the meantime, we are working on the videotutorials and polishing the renders.


Hey guys.

New episode just released.

CG talks S03E08: Epic acquires Artstation

In this episode Marco, Amiel and DJ are discussing the ins and outs of latest Epic Games' acquisition of Artstation.

Is Epic the upcoming Big Brother of 3D Industry? What is their strategy? What's in it for a simple 3d artist? Should we rejoice or fear?
These questions along with numerous digressions about a healthy lifestyle in a digital world, monopolies, imperial and metric systems, and many others fill this entertaining episode.
What happened to Star Wars when Disney bought the franchise. Is freebie giveaway enough to change people's habits?


If you have suggestions about a topic you would like to hear about, or particular guests you find interesting, let us know in the comments. We will try to put together episodes based on your requests.
Have fun listening!


- The next episode will be all about Substance software so stay tuned!

Hey guys!
Andrew here from GarageFarm.NET Academy

I’m sharing a handful of new episodes of our GarageFarm.NET Academy podcast – CG Talks.

CG talks S03E05: Your favourite part of the 3D workflow is...?

In this episode of CG Talks DJ and Marco discuss the stuff they enjoy most in the whole 3d workflow. While everyone seems to hate UV unwrapping, it is not that obvious what actually is the most fun and satisfying thing to do in the vast 3d graphics world.
Modeling, sculpting, scene layout or lighting, or just obsessively tweaking the render settings parameters - it is all up to one's tastes and preferences.

CG talks S03E06: Old and new generations in the 3d industry

In this special episode, DJ introduces Amiel - our young and talented content creator, who does Substance Suite-related tutorials for Garagefarm.NET Academy. With Marco and Andrew taking a short break (no worries they’ll be back soon) we dive into the personal experiences of older and younger generations in the CG industry.

How was it back then when books were still a viable option for learning 3d?
Are the times easier for young artists nowadays? Can plenty be a curse? Was PBR shading always a standard, and how to adopt the new when you are used to old ways of working? Are technical constraints good for creatives or is it better when things happen at a click of a mouse?

CG talks S03E07: Unreal Engine 5 Early Access

In this episode, DJ, Andrew, and Amiel talk about Unreal Engine 5, what it means for the industry, and answer one of the biggest questions for 3D artists: Is Unreal Engine 5's real-time ray tracing going to replace traditional renderers?

If you have suggestions about a topic you would like to hear about, or a particular guests you find interesting, let us know in the comments. We will try to put together episodes based on your requests.

Have fun listening!


Hey guys!

Andrew here from GarageFarm.NET Academy.

The recent year was surprising and tough for everybody. But it also triggered many changes like moving from working at the office to remote work. It also affected the CG industry.
In our team, we wondered if it is possible to put together a team of artists from different parts of the world and work on a common project only via the internet. Wondering is not enough, so we decided to do it.

As a subject, we have chosen exterior visualization. Exactly a holiday cabin, to not make the whole thing too complicated. We will try to simulate a real-world scenario where a client is giving us his design and project brief and we need to deliver great visualization.

Here is our team:
Jarosław ‘DJ’ – Blender| modelling the landscape, art direction | Poland
Marco – Blender | modelling, animation, project management | Philippines
Tomas – 3ds Max + Corona | putting together the scene, rendering | Poland
Amiel – Substance | texturing | Philippines
Michał ‘Andrew’ – 3ds Max + V-Ray | designing the cabin, ‘the customer’ role, modelling | Poland

- We started with assigning Andrew the role of an architect giving us the job since he has experience in this matter.
- Since Marco led the team of modelers for our assets store project, his role will be to keep everything in check and make sure we don’t miss the deadline or get lost in an overabundance of ideas. He will also create additional assets like fire or birds.
- DJ has experience in interior design and visualization and very good communication skills so he will have the last word when it comes to the final effect. He will also choose the location for the cabin and prepare the terrain.
- Amiel is an expert in Substance (you can check his tutorials at our GarageFarm.NET Academy YT channel) so he takes on himself creating the most difficult materials and overlooking the project from that angle.
- Finally, Tomas will put together a visualization in 3ds Max and Corona.

Based on this project we will release a series of videotutorials. We want to also put together a video from our video meetings. I’m not sure if the material will be interesting enough to publish, but we will try.

Different members of the team work in different software. Since recently Blender exploded with lots of improvements and features there is a discussion going on whether it can be a legit archvis tool. We will have an opportunity to check this out. There will be problems with moving the data between different software so it’s even better 😊 We also live in different time zones, (Philippines and Poland) so we will be able to check if you can put together an international team online and create such a project.

We got a 'brief’ or rather a description of the design idea and a list of important design features which need to be emphasized and sold in the visualization.

General purpose:
- Holiday cabin for a couple with 2 kids
- Buyers are 30+ years old
- No fixed location. Possible to assembly on a location chosen by the buyer

Function for kids:
- Safe terrace.
- Sandbox function as a part of the terrace
- Place for a 2-level bed for kids

Other functions:
- Fireplace\barbeque grill

Selling points:
- Glass corner with a big view from beds.
- Safe terrace (for kids)
- A place for installing a sandbox, or a little swimming pool
- Grill\fireplace
- Part of the terrace is under a roof (you can grill regardless of weather)

Additional info:
- I need all the functions to be visible in the main shot. Other shots can just add more information about the cabin design.
- The cabin is going to be installed in a location chosen by the buyer, so the exact location used in the visualization is the choice of the artists’ team.

Used materials:
- Black zinc, black wood, black steel (optionally brighter wood).
- Double glass sheet window panes.
- Concrete feet foundation. 
- Small architecture (surrounding): gravel car park place

For now, DJ found a location (I will add more info on the next post) and put together mood boards as a source of inspiration.

I'm attaching the images of mood boards that DJ created for inspiration, cabin design, and examples of cabin materials.
I will post here the progress of the project. I hope for your critique and comments! 😊

Looks great.

I'm just thinking that the microscope shot camera may have the wrong camera settings. I can some perspective there between the teapots, and it looks like the camera is placed somewhere between them, very close to the surface. If that was a microscope the distance of the camera to the objects would be very big taking the scale in consideration. So it would rather remind a very long focal length shot, with no perspactive\size changes between these little objects. The DOF would be very shallow though as in your render.

This is just my impression, I would need to check on it and I'm not sure what effect you were aiming for.

Anyway, very cool experiment, I hope you will show more stuff :) 

CG talks S03E04: Spiders heavier than paint - interview with Vaughan Ling | Heavypoly

In this episode of CG Talks - the podcast where CG guys talk about CG, we are privileged to chat with Vaughan Ling - 3d artist, the teacher also known as Heavypoly.
Vaughan, DJ, Marco, and Michał(aka Andrew) discuss Vaughan’s recent app development endeavor with Heavypaint. An Interview with Vaughan could not go without mentioning his impressive input to Oscar-winning feature film animation “Into the Spiderverse” and other successful projects.
What open source tools like Godot Engine and Blender mean for his workflow? Can one take an unorthodox path in UI design and succeed? Is there life for an artist without undo? Answers to these questions might just be found in this exciting but also laid-back podcast episode!
Listen  on digital platforms -

Hi guys!

We have just started the third season of the CG Talks podcast. The first two episodes were mostly news, so I thought I would post the third one, ‘Fringes of CG’.

In the far reaches of the CG animation world, beyond the reach of mainstream pop culture, dwells some pretty incredible and sometimes bat**** crazy content. Join us as we descend into the surreal landscapes of out-of-the-box creators, and reexamine our perception of Art and Creativity!

Before listening I encourage you to check the resource links – there is a lot of weird stuff to watch.

CG talks S03E03: Fringes of CG

We have just finished recording the next episode with Vaughan Ling as a guest. Tutor, modeler, concept artist and creator of Heavypaint painting application. You can get more info about him from his Youtube channel - HEAVYPOLY

So stay tuned for the next episode! 😊


Hey guys.

In this tutorial, Andrew will show you how to compose cutout people to your Archviz renders. There are many tutorials out there about this topic but he does it a little different way. So if you are doing it for the first time you can learn how to do it quickly and correct and if you already mastered this skill you can borrow some techniques and tricks from him!

In the first part, you will see how to use placeholders and create correct shadows for people you insert into the render.


00:00 - Introduction
00:38 - Inserting people the hard way
01:08 - Inserting people using a horizon line
02:24 - Inserting people using a horizon line - common problems
03:18 - The easy method - rendering placeholders
03:37 - Rendering the layer with placeholders
04:19 - Adding shadows layer to composition in Photoshop
04:30 - Inserting people into the render
04:51 - Adding shadows
04:13 - Matching the color of the shadows
07:20 - Modifications of shadows shapes and color

I hope you will find it useful. 



General CG Discussion / Re: CG Talks podcast - season 2
« on: 2021-02-24, 18:40:35 »
Hey guys!

We have just finished the second season of our podcast. The third season is coming – we will do more interviews with CG artists and plan to talk with software developers as well.
I encourage you to check the episodes from last year, especially the ones with our guests - Sayan Mondal and Erin Woodford.

CG talks S02E06: Why and how to optimize your scenes?

In this episode, Andrew, DJ, and Marco talk about how optimizing your 3d scene can save your sanity, what aspects of your project could be adding unnecessary render time what you can do to render your scenes faster on a render farm even without much technical rendering knowledge!

CG talks S02E07: A living with Blender - interview with Sayan Mondal

In this episode we introduce an exclusive interview with Sayan Mondal - founder of
The interview includes Sayan's origin story and how he decided to pursue his own path as an artist and entrepreneur instead of continuing a regular education curriculum. What led him to dive deep into procedural shaders in Blender. We talk about constant learning and improvement as well as art and important inspirations and role models. The conversation develops into sharing thoughts about the modern CG industry, young and older CG artists, and their pros and cons. Along the way, we touch upon topics like A.I. Crypto Art, Inktober, November, and NPR rendering.

CG talks S02E09: Nodevember procedural magic with

In this episode of CG Talks, Marco, DJ and Michal sit down with Erin Woodford of Erindale fame. Erin is an artist, designer and entrepreneur specializing in creating procedural objects and surfaces in Blender. We learn about his discovery of procedural design and the experience he's had on the journey so far.

Erin also demystifies proceduralism and explains how despite the nuances in this workflow calling for a less intuitive or conventionally artistic mindset, it isn't something reserved for people with coding experience or mathematical thinkers.

If you've been curious but apprehensive about learning proceduralism, this episode is for you. Procedural workflows are certainly key for the future of CG so if you want to jump on the bandwagon, it's about time (and lots of fun anyway)! This might just be the thing that motivates you into participating in next year's Nodevember!

CG talks S02E11: What is shading and how to nail it?

In this episode, DJ, Andrew and Marco talk about shading - what it means for 3d artists, and a few key considerations to take when working!

I hope you will find them interesting.

Hi guys!

Stan here from GarageFarm.NET

Sometimes it happens that you render your animation and the frames naming doesn't match your postproduction pipeline, or you need to send your files to somebody and there are some requirements when it comes to naming.

In this case, you need to rename your frames, but of course, you are not going to do it frame after frame. In simplest situations, Total Commander renaming tool is enough but it doesn't cover all possible situations.

So I decided to make two tutorials, one for Mac with vRenamer and second for Windows with Rename Master which show how batch to rename frames AND meet the following requirements:

- It's possible to batch-rename all frames names and keep the render passes names\suffixes intact

- It can batch-renumber frames accordingly for every render pass

- Works on subfolders (often used by Maya and Modo users for render passes)

- It's free

How to batch rename frames in Mac with vRenamer

How to batch rename frames in Windows with Rename Master

I hope you will find this tutorial useful :)

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