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In my experience, most 3D apps use the RAM for loading all the textures for faster access. Is that not how Corona works? Are you saying you have 125 GB of textures?

Hope I can help here by offering a super simplified answer :)

Corona (and any other renderer / software really) needs stuff to be in RAM so that when a ray travels through the scene and hits something it then "knows" what exactly is there and how its set up.
If your RAM is full then your SSD / HDD will act as an extended RAM so to speak - but because that hardware is slower in general it'll be orders of magnitude slower than accessing stuff from RAM. Hence why you can still render stuff when you run out of RAM but its really slow.

Happy to hear you've figured out what is up so quickly! And thank you for sharing the solution :)

Hardware / Re: workstation build 6-10k €
« on: Yesterday at 10:10:15 »
Maybe worth watching -

It is Level1Techs giving 128GB a go on the AM5 platform.

Hardware / Re: workstation build 6-10k €
« on: 2023-01-13, 10:58:50 »

The issue is ram though, it's ddr5, do the motherboards allows us to have 128gb yet with 7950x yet? Last time I checked it wasn't an option but I need to do more research. Also is the price higher? Defo worth considering this before hand.

Wow I didn’t know about this issue. Less then 128gb is definitely a dealbreaker for me. Is this a thing with intels 13900k as well?

Thanks for your advice on waiting Nejc Kilar, but unfortunately I’m cant really wait right now, maybe at most one month and I don’t think anything can change in this time.

I'm sort of guessing a bit here but if I recall correctly when the previous gen was introduced 128gb was doable too but it was wise to not opt for the fastest sticks on the planet. IIRC that was the main problem although I could be wrong. I've come across similar "opinions" that things might be the same now as well because the platform itself is supposed to support 128gb. Just probably not at DDR5-6400 speeds.

Hardware / Re: 7950x system RAM - MOBO recommendation
« on: 2023-01-12, 15:30:18 »
Hi Nejc, thanks but yes it's too far for me to wait that long currently!

Do you have any recommendation on mobo or ram (how many dimms should i look for)? Thanks ! :)

I hear ya on the waiting part! :)

Sorry but I'm afraid I'm not quite that knowledgeable yet about the AM5 platform, anything I'd say about AM5 and memory would be pure speculation from me.

For motherboards, I typically go with the brand I trust the most and their most fitting product to my needs. I don't like overspending on stuff but I do like to be future proof at least somewhat so a couple of NVME slots, at least 2 PCI-E x16 slots, minimum of a 2.5GbE port... and that is mostly what I'd want myself.

I wouldn't worry about the overclocking feature set, I reckon you won't be doing that. Arguably the 7xxx series will do that for you anyway unless you're running in ECO mode.

Performance wise, please double check this but IIRC there isn't a difference between the B650 vs 670 or 670E chipsets. From my understanding the main difference is basically in the IO and extra other features.

Puget systems has a nice comparison on the topic of features between the chipsets:

I guess if it were me I would probably start with picking the right chipset for my needs (including future proofing a bit). Then find a reputable brand and never opt for the absolute cheapest board (those might skimp on VRMs and things that might actually hold back the 7950x a bit - although I haven't double checked this for this gen but that is from my understanding where cost cutting can hit ya with these high end CPU, cheaper mobo combos) that has the extra features you find useful. Would watch / read a review as well.

Also, take the time to double check everything that was said above. Again, I'm not that in the know how about AM5 yet. I hope you got some good "aha, I shall google this" moment out of it though :)

Hardware / Re: 7950x system RAM - MOBO recommendation
« on: 2023-01-11, 11:00:08 »
If you can hang on a bit, the 79503D will launch soon.  Not sure if it will be an improvement for corona so might want to wait for reviews.

I agree :) Extra cache can be really useful but it does depend on the workload so it might be prudent to wait for a bit more and then decide which "version" is better for your needs.

Hardware / Re: Threadripper 5975wx VS 3990x
« on: 2023-01-10, 12:07:22 »
Thanks guys, some interesting stuff above.

I’m really just looking for a direct comparison between the 5975wx and the 3990x when it comes to long rendering times in corona.

If i take the middle of the pack for corona benchmark results and compare them, I come to conclusion that the 3990x is about 1.5 times faster than the 5975wx

BUT if i look at these cinebench multicore results here it tells me that the 3990x is only about 1.2 times faster

For both I just divided 3990x score by 5975wx score. Cinibench does not give results in seconds and it's obviously not corona render engine, but surely the same logic applies as it's a multithreaded render benchmark? maybe I'm wrong here?

Bottom line - If the 3990x is only 1.2 x faster then i'll probably turn a blind eye since its quite a bit of hassle to source all the parts for a 3990x build, not to mention  the volatility of the price.

But if it’s 1.5 faster then i'll go out of my way to do it, since i'll be getting more than one build for the office. Oh and 5995wx are completely out of the question, £7000+ for a build when they appear to be only marginally better than a 3990x…according to the benchmark results.

Just waiting for that magic person who owns both to give me a comparison benchmark :)

By and large each renderer has its own approach and specifics which does mean it might hit the CPU differently. As a personal opinion, I would encourage you to focus on the benchmarking tools of the software that you are using - that'll probably the best indicator for the performance you'll get although that said there's scenes that might have a different hit on the performance and so even software specific benchmarks are supposed to be taken as a ~value.

As for the 3990x vs 5975wx debate, I'd probably also look into a 3990x vs 3970x comparison and to get to the 5975wx performance levels I'd just subtract another 10-15% of the 3970x times. It isn't scientific no but should be indicative enough imho.
Also, my impression is that the performance class didn't really change between Zen 2 and Zen 3. Sure, there is that 10-15% boost + whatever clocks get you but a 5975wx still occupies a similar spot in that stack that the 3970x did.

Hardware / Re: workstation build 6-10k €
« on: 2023-01-10, 12:00:50 »

Would love to hear what others have to say about this and the best bang for buck these days when it comes down to raw render time as a work machine.

I am of the opinion that right now it might be best to wait. It is obviously a personal opinion but at the moment if you need more firepower than the 7950x / 13900k packs (which seems to be sitting between a 3970x and a 3960x) the only solution is the 5995wx which as we all know costs a lot. You do get an overkill platform with it, tons of PCI-E lanes, 6 or 7 slots, 2TB of memory support and all that jazz... But if you're purely going after rendering prowess yes, I think you can easily come to a conclusion it is potentially not worth it compared to a 3990x.

3990x however appears to be discontinued, the motherboards are an epic level find seemingly and so it is an option that is hard to recommend imho. Unless you can source the parts and are comfortable with using used & discontinued gear.

So why wait?

Intel is about to release its WS / HEDT parts soon and while it is suspected (by leakers) that these won't really be that much cheaper (and won't be faster than the top of the line TRs) it will still potentially be a step in the right direction because it might have a cascading effect on AMD's lineup. So hopefully at that point AMD will bring out more parts and Intel will at least have something semi-competitive at most price points. At the very least you might have a few more options for anything that might sit between a 5995wx and a 7950x. Plus of course there are the Zen 4 Threadrippers coming out but that is speculated (by leakers) to be towards the end of the year.

So thats just my 5 cents. I could very well be wrong and its the best time to buy now because stuff seemingly keeps getting more and more expensive lol :)

Hardware / Re: Threadripper 5975wx VS 3990x
« on: 2023-01-09, 12:51:33 »
Not sure if its going to be helpful but I went from a 3970x to 5995wx and I'm really happy with the setup. I was a bit worried about going to a "lower clocked" CPU because I really enjoy snappy responsiveness and all but honestly I think this setup is the same as the 3970x was - if not even better.

I think the Corona and V-Ray benchmarks are solid indicators of the performance for these. Broadly speaking, I would expect the 3975wx to be kind of about 2/3rds as fast the 3990x. Probably a little less (~31 seconds vs ~19s). Basically you add the Zen 3 improvements to the Zen 2 based 3970x and that's the difference in performance. It's the same amount of cores and threads but the Zen 3 cores are roughly 10-15% faster.

The 5995wx should also be about the same amount faster than the 3990x.

Don't forget though that all of these CPUs can be overclocked so the top most entries you are seeing could very well be overclocked short burst runs. It is imho wise to skip the first couple of entries and focus on the "middle of the pack" entries.

What I typically do is just do the math and apply that to my actual scenes. It is by no means an accurate way to go about things but I think it is a good enough indicator of the performance boost I'd get. That's my personal impression at least.
For example, if my 3970x used to take 30 minutes to render out a given frame then I would expect the 3990x to be roughly, give or take, near the 20 minute mark for that same frame.

Then it is up to you to decide whether that justifies the expenses :)

With that budget I think a 7950x oriented build will probably be the way to go for you. Top notch single threaded and really high multi threaded performance combined in one package. I think it should fit the bill as well.

Not that it matters for rendering performance (it does for viewport though) but given that you are on a GPU with 1GB of VRAM I think upgrading to something old(er) you can get for real cheap like a 980ti would still be an upgrade plus you'd get the ability to use the fast preview denoiser during IR - which can be quite handy.

The i7 930 as cool as it was back in the day will sort of be orders of magnitude slower than something like a 7950x you can get today. As Tom said, just looking at the benchmark numbers should give you a much better idea of how one CPU stacks against another.

Hope that helps a bit :)

Howdy! We are looking into options on how to improve this behavior and from my understanding it is mostly related to filtering. Quite a complicated topic.

For more consistent results (albeit with potentially longer render times) you should place your bump maps into Corona Bitmaps and set the interpolation method to "Bicubic (smoother)". Alternatively, if you prefer using C4D's bitmap shader you can also try tweaking its Blur Scale (by lowering it) or changing to a different sampling method. Do note that zero filtering typically isn't the smartest thing to do though.

Hi! I've tried using corona bitmaps but it doesn't seem to give any benefit as you can see from the images attached. Am I doing something wrong?


Let me first start by saying that yes, we are aware this isn't ideal and we are looking into how the bump gets through. It is a _very_ complex topic with no clear cut solutions at the moment as there are a lot of potential drawbacks to most of the solutions.

In the meantime you can try lowering the filtering on the shader itself by going under the "Basic" menu (in your Corona Bitmap or your C4D bitmap shader) and in there try lowering the Blur scale to something closer to -99%.

This wouldn't be the absolute ideal solution as it can cause longer render times in additional to potential visual artifacting but it should help alleviate your issue quite considerably. Worth looking into at least.

Howdy! We are looking into options on how to improve this behavior and from my understanding it is mostly related to filtering. Quite a complicated topic.

For more consistent results (albeit with potentially longer render times) you should place your bump maps into Corona Bitmaps and set the interpolation method to "Bicubic (smoother)". Alternatively, if you prefer using C4D's bitmap shader you can also try tweaking its Blur Scale (by lowering it) or changing to a different sampling method. Do note that zero filtering typically isn't the smartest thing to do though.

I have a similar problem when bevel when using bevel deformer. Relection is distorted

Don't forget to hit that "Phong Break Rounding" button (second to last at the bottom) on your bevel deformer otherwise the flat surfaces are going to get smoothed as well and your materials / objects (refractive or not) won't look as they should. They'll look weirdly bendy.

As a tip, I set that "Phong Break Rounding" toggle to on and just save it as a default Bevel preset so I don't have to bother with it every time I create a new bevel deformer.

The "Phong Break Rounding" thing, when set to off, is great for organic surfaces but really not cool for non-organic stuff.

Hardware / Re: I NEED HELP with a PC build
« on: 2022-11-18, 13:47:53 »
I don't even think you can get a 3xxx series Threadripper anymore and if you do it is probably going to be really difficult finding a motherboard for it - seems like everything went EOL really quickly. There might be a SIs still sporting a few though.

I do agree with Juraj, 7950x or an 13900K build seems to be quite the sweet spot for your budget. The next gen (although previous gen compared to consumer parts, Zen 3 vs Zen 4) Threadrippers are now PRO only which means you'll get a ton of PCI-E lanes you don't really need for rendering and it will cost you quite a bit. These are still the way to go if you are after top notch performance but they will be quite a bit more in that "workstation" pricing tier that is just a lot more expensive than what you get on the consumer side with the above suggested CPUs.

In case you do want to do the math, the 5975wx is the 32 core Threadripper now and the 64 core one is the 5995wx.

Can't say I noticed a difference anywhere when I upgraded my 3970x build to W11. All smooth... Well, smooth as it can be for Windows meaning weird updates bricking things left and right and changing settings and all that (which applies to W10 too) but besides that functionality all good imho. The 5995wx I haven't really tested on W10 but W11 works fine and as I'd expect it to - with all the Windows being Windows included.

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