Author Topic: I have only one request a C4D Version of Corona  (Read 2620 times)

2012-09-17, 22:28:00


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I am watching Deadclown for quite some days now, doing some really amazing stuff with Corona. While watching it grow and speed up from build to build, this cruel "DO-WANT-IT... NOW"-feeling kicks in. So I am just here to ask desperate and kindly for all those suffering C4D-Folks out there, please think of a C4D-Version of Corona at some point.

Thanks an keep up the amazing work

2012-09-17, 22:41:56
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Hi and welcome,
other 3D software support is definitely planned, but not for the near future. The plan is that it will be done by different developer, because it is quite separated problem, and I dont want to experience another horrible API ;). And I need to get the money for that developer first ;). So you'll have to wait at least a year.
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