Author Topic: Tutorials and documentation  (Read 9915 times)

2012-09-13, 09:41:08

Ludvik Koutny

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as you might have noticed, the thread called basic settings explanation is quite outdated, and many things written there are probably not true in recent releases.

The reason we have not published any updated documentation or tutorials is that we are getting very close to beta phase, and beta versions will have very different user interface. User interface in current state contains a lot of debug settings that you normally would not want to touch. Beta UI will be clean and comprehensive, with lot less settings, and settings will have meaningful naming.

We are not yet sure which setting will remain in the final user UI and we do not want to waste time documenting settings you will never see in beta. Same with tutorials. If i was to make some tutorials now, they would be very confusing for users starting at beta phase, because i would be still using alpha debug UI.

I know its a bit difficult to be testing undocumented renderer, but we are putting all our effort into development of features and bugfixing rather than documentation, which would be inefficient at this point.

If you have any question about certain features, you can always ask here on forum, and we will be more than happy to explain :)

Thank you for your patience when testing undocumented software. You can look forward to beta phase, where everything should be properly documented and some tutorials about practical workflows and optimizations will be released ;)