Author Topic: Kitchen Varenna  (Read 1774 times)

2015-03-17, 09:48:15


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my Personal work another kitchen Varenna


2015-03-17, 10:19:07
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I like it!
I can only suggest you to look for a different photo for the background, because perspective seems a bit different (lower PoV than in your render)
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2015-03-17, 15:22:49
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very clean!

i can only say that the trees are close to the window, so probably they can cast some shadows in the window frame and a little on the floor or be visible in the reflections of the appliances..... I know its a background photo but it would be a good challenge and will add some natural randomness to a very clean and slick kitchen
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2015-03-17, 19:40:21
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Looks good. Where did you get your oven model from?
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