Author Topic: DUAL XEON Vs small render farm node  (Read 11109 times)

2014-11-17, 22:07:18
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Maybe your right, but could you say what I made any mistaken whit my experience? I just tried to give an advice for him. Maybe your is much wider than mine ?

I'm keeping silent and lisening for you. Make me smart.... :)

Keep rockin' !


Well, I think is the best if you buy an "Manufacturer refurbished" machine.

While there is possibility to score a perfect bargain, most often than not, you're just buying outdated machine by the time you can get it. This can still be "ok" solution to gather farm gear, but not for workstation which far more rely on current performance.
Not to say those Branded units aren't built to be particulary excellent either, featuring most commonly lower motherboard, stock coolers, thus being hot and loud, offer limited expandability, etc.

But, for the modeling you have to thinking about the Quadro !

Almost none current CGI software support Quadro drivers or get any benefit from them at all. Even CAD no longer benefit from them much, most of them being bottlenecked by CPU far more than they can benefit from "pro-grade" GPUs.
Pro cards like Quadro and FirePro offer additional features such as Double floating point precision for precise scientific calculations (NOT Gpu rendering), 14Bit LUT support very extreme color management, additional memory to benefit large files (ie. GPU rendering),
and special drivers that improve anti-aliasing and wireframe handling in certain CAD applications (but the list is becoming narrower and narrowers in recent years).

The DELL is the best !  The warranty for your workstation is only up to you and your budget

Buying branded PC units is very convenient for big companies who don't have excessive IT department and require unified support with on-site repair possibility. None of these benefits apply much to enthousiast or professional user.

As a con, you overpay largely for these units (easily as much as twice ) and get poor components in their build. Funky and unorthodox cases might look unique but they're often subpar regarding later expansions, stock components are largely
comprised of OEM motherboards, stock cooles, and cheap fans and only average PSU units. This makes them louder and hotter over custom builds.

Most component sellers offer option to extent warranty up to 5 years as well, so this is moot point. Some manufacturers (like Asus) offer extended warranty by default (ranging from 3 to 5 years) at no additional cost.

And if you was an gamer...just forget it anything you learned about the motherboard and etc...Because that's an different world

There are little differences between enthousiast and professional motherboards these days. Most of it is just slight feature difference or cosmetic. It's the same high-end product for different user groups.  Website and blog   Our studio Behance portfolio
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2014-11-17, 23:12:44
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Well...Maybe I was a bit drunked...or not-- :D

I knows only two things...One is...With my "shit Dell" Precison M4700 and Quadro K2000M, I have an chance to flying with 15 million polygons like an bird in the HEAVEN.. :) That's true. Maybe this is nothing for you or anybody...BUT...more than enought for achieve what is my aim...Of cours not mentioned the details !

And the another one...I never dig in myself into the beside the point...I had dig into myself in the modeling and texturing. And trust me...If you try to cut out the time for the rendering...Than you must at least  to buy double, quadro,   Xeon..But..Without the "CAD card " like the Quadro...Than you have a chance to lubricate on your hair...if you want modeling ! Maybe it's a bit expensive, but worth for the money. I beleive it ! And yeah...there is NO problem , if you don't have or you don't can't money to spend the most newest stuff... There is the refurbished models..I got mine with 3 years waranty, and If I want or  I have money, there I have an chance to buy more years...And the price is not like the new stuffs...The price is MORE mthan enought to get a machine for modeling..and the rendering....And... if I remember god...the original question was something like this...

And one more thing...If you have an experience like mine 29 years in in the computers and hardwears, than you MUST to know... The hardwear is ONLy ONE thing... The base is the programing..Like here. Like in the Corona. This is give you an good rersault without you spend to much  effort and money fort the newest shits.

I know..You have an really good experience and you spend lot of time to got your knowledge...But, I fell somethimes you goin' to high ! Right ?
It's not an problem ! It1S just an advice...

And if something not really clear...just "sorry for my english"... :)
Maybe I'm not" up to date...But..C'mon Juraj ! Anybody try to spend a less and less to achive the good resault...with Corona.

And I told him the " Best is the Dell"..Well it's not an juws thing..This is the simple true. If, he have an mony end want ro spend..There is the availibility to buy more than 5 years quarantee. Do you tell me anything better ?

Anyway..the point is the good life and your faith !  God bless you and give anything you like ! :)
Holy Corona : the materials is the clue.

2014-11-18, 00:19:54
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Well...Maybe I was a bit drunked...or not-- :D

Reads more like you are right now though.

..With my "shit Dell" Precison M4700 and Quadro K2000M..

This is subjective anecdote, it doesn't say anything how your system ABC compares to other XYZ systems. It has no value outside of the fact that you're satisfied with it. Some people are perfectly satisfied with old Pentium 4 (like my Grandmother), but.. ?

That's a good laptop though. I didn't say anything about Dell laptops, I use one as well. But about the cost and quality of branded workstation compared to custom build.

Without the "CAD card " like the Quadro...Than you have a chance to lubricate on your hair...if you want modeling !

This is not true at all. Based on current (non-synthetic) benchmarks in 3dsMax 2014+ and various CAD software (for example those done by Dimitris Tolios), there is no performance benefit from pro cards outside of improved anti-aliasing which is a drive feature.
The viewport engines of these softwares are far too primitive to use the resources well, are bottlenecked by CPU and in reality make almost no difference to whatever GPU you are currently using. My GTX770 has the same performance as my laptop integrated Intel 4000!

Previously, in former ( OpenGL) based viewports of Max <2011, there were special "performance drivers" provided that improved performance compared to regular mainstream gaming cards. That no longer applies, there are no specialized drivers anymore and DX-11 based viewport of 3dsMax and Maya 2014+ benefit no better from pro-cards than they do from consumer cards.

Unless you require following features I previously named (native 14bit 3DLut support, Double floating point precision, Higher amount of on-board memory), none of which improve viewport performance, then you're simply wasting your money.
There is no objective improvement in viewport speed navigation (and thus modeling).

This is again your subjective opinion, not based on actual data.

Here is sample benchmark from Maya2013 using the new Viewport 2.0 which is based on Direct-X 11 rendering, very similar to 3dsMax 2013+. I would also like to state, that Maya Viewport 2.0 is far better than 3dsMax's Nitrous, so the performance in 3dsMax doesn't scale with GPU's power much at all. 3dsMax doesn't care if you have 750Ti or 780Ti. It just doesn't.

As you can see, super cheap GTX750Ti  beats expensive K4000 Quadro..... so ?
Here is full article:

(hint: Quadro and other pro-cards always loose)

. The hardwear is ONLy ONE thing... The base is the programing..Like here. Like in the Corona

I have no idea what you're trying to say in half of your post... but most of it doesn't have anything to do with this topic ;- )

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2014-12-10, 01:53:15
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speaking of small renderfarms, maybe this will be of an interest:,6156.0.html