Author Topic: Tests for Fun  (Read 1263 times)

2014-10-30, 18:45:34


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Hi there.
I've been using Corona for a while now. Mainly converting at work some interior and exterior scenes from vray to see if we can accomodate Corona to our workflow (I'm all for it. I just have to convince a couple of people :)). I do this with a co-worker so it's a fun procedure to go through.

With some spare time after lunch I usually start a scene from scratch and load some models I see on internet. So I have a bunch of renders. Gonna upload some of them here to share and start talking about anything :)

This ones are from yesterday. I've download the Lucy Angel Statue from  you can get the original scan from Standford Repository of course

So..Just a hdri probe (Uffizi) and the ground has the same size of the uffizi (check wikipedia), PT+PT, default values.

And started to play with the model ...

Even though I make a lot of test I always try to make a aestheticly pleasent image. }


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