Author Topic: Alpha get erased  (Read 2746 times)

2014-10-06, 13:26:57


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Playing with corona and found out that it erase alpha. If you`ll set it to render there is an alpha being calculated, but before jumping to next frame alpha get erased. I tried to put a asky object, but it doesnt help.

Also i noticed that if corona scene added to render queue it does render but doesnt show progress bar and dosent update time. 

2014-11-06, 16:37:38
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I've seen the same problem. But I have noticed that if I abort the rendering process just before the end and then I save the picture, then the alpha channel is present.

2014-11-06, 19:12:19
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If you encounter any bugs, is the way to go.
There you'll find similar or related reports, as well as more information and probably solutions to specific problems.
However, you should take the opportunity to report new bugs. :)