Author Topic: Max with Corona 6/7 crashes when installed Vray.  (Read 1079 times)

2014-07-18, 13:01:40


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I am using Corona A6 with 3dsmax 2012 Design.
Vray is not installed.

Some of my previous scenes and libraries have Vray materials.
I want to import these scenes, library objects in max which uses Corona.
But when I import the objects, the vray materials are missing, so the material convert utility is not able to convert these vray materials to Corona materials.
Hence, I installed Vray.
But after installing vray when I try open a corona scene... Max crashes!
That means I am not able to open any max scene that has corona. ( Tried installing A 7, problem persists) ( Can open vray scenes)
If I uninstall Vray, I can open the corona scene, but can not import vray materials!

I tried a work around, from my corona scene I imported the lights, camera and objects in a blank corona scene, saved it. That works!

Can you please help with this?
Can I convert vray materials to corona materials without installing Vray?