Author Topic: Delay on first render pass in the Interactive Render  (Read 904 times)

2024-03-11, 14:44:03


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I have a problem with the interactive render of Corona in Cinema 4D.
When I turn on the interactive render it takes 40~50 seconds before it starts the first render pass.

I recently switched from a Mac to a PC. On my old Mac (Apple M1 Max) the interactive render starts immediately with the 1st render pass. On my Mac I run C4D R25 with the latest version of Corona. The PC (AMD RYZEN 9) runs the latest versions of C4D and Corona.

I recently opened an old C4D project on the new PC that was created in R25 on the Mac. It started rendering immediately, but when the project was saved (to the latest version of C4D) it took a long time before the interactive render started with the first pass.

Does anyone know how to solve this issue?

2024-03-11, 14:56:31
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BTW please specify Corona version, as different people mean different things by "latest" - it could mean the latest daily build, or it could mean the latest Hotfix of an official release. Also, sometimes people think theirs is the latest but e.g. missed a hotfix or new daily coming out :)
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2024-03-11, 15:16:05
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Hi Erik,

I have created a support ticket on your behalf. We can continue to assist you there. :)
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