Author Topic: new daily 12 from 14th feb dual xeon, rendering stalls GUI  (Read 1197 times)

2024-03-01, 10:13:39


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some changes in the newest v12 daily, makes the interface of c4d stalls or freezes, i almost cant do anything while i render, even with ipr. cpu usuage is very high near 100% even on ipr which should not take all cores.

any idea? maybe the lastest optimisation for many cores machines did shoot over a bit ? :)
first i thouhgt it did freeze, but seems is only using the cpus so extreme.

it is even hard to press the stop button on ipr

EDIT: after c4d restart it seem sok again for now. if this happens again i post it here.
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2024-03-01, 12:31:36
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Hi Stefan, thanks for the update. Do keep us posted if need be.
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