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2014-06-17, 12:05:24


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Dear readers and Corona forum members,

It's a pleasure to invite you to our brand new CGI models server, the place where you can easily sell&buy your 3D graphics related work of art.

We made efforts to arrange quick and effective 3D models adding adjustment, with purpose to facilitate exhausting file adding and editting process.

As a welcome bonus, 50 credits ($50) for each new member are announced.  CGI models do not take away any usual percentage from the sale. By using credits you can easily sell your models again and again. Well, each first sell is for FREE and its just up to you if you want to keep it in your offering. The entire amount of money is sended directly to you Paypal account, so you have imediate overview about your money tranfers.     

Thank you for joining and helping us build a new successful online community overcrowded by yours models, which will help address a new purchasers.

You can support us on our facebook page, or just even by refering to 3D graphic colleages and interested persons. Selling will be possible only if wide range of potentional purchasers will know about us!

Kind Regards from CGImodels,
Jaroslav Čermák and Štěpán Prokop

2014-06-18, 13:54:30
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Not even a single free model? Good luck with that, you wont get the trafic this way.

I also dislike the design, looks like 90's
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2014-06-18, 14:14:56
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In my opinion the price/quality ratio is insane. 60$ for a low-poly car with flat textures. Good luck, anyway.
Marcin Miodek |
3D Support Team Lead - Corona | contact us

2014-06-19, 11:07:59
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Each seller can set his own prices. But we would like you will sell your models with better price/quality ratio if you can.. :)
Thank you anyway :)