Author Topic: Corona light does not show in some camera angles  (Read 350 times)

2023-12-04, 21:11:46


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Hi fellow experts,

Hope you are all doing fine,

I often face this lightining issue, when rendering a corona light which is set to be visible in order to have the glare effect.
Basically what happens is that it shows invisible in some angles. What could it be configured wrong? Any guesses?

Thanks in advance,

2023-12-05, 13:37:53
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Can you add a snapshot from the viewport, properties of that light and the render?
Arpit Pandey |
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2023-12-06, 11:02:43
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Aram Avetisyan

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This is most probably because of the directionality/IES of the light, and this can be expected.
If you are using a directionality, try lowering it.
Aram Avetisyan |
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