Author Topic: Interactive Rendering not working  (Read 309 times)

2023-09-20, 18:23:20


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Hello everybody,

I recently bought Corona for C4D and I'm trying to work with Interactive Rendering, so when I model, move my object and adjust sky and sun, I'm able to control the changes live with IR.

After the first time, it stopped to work, so everytime I launch it, it just renders the given Camera and if I change anything it does not update in the VFB. Can someone help me to solve this problem?


2023-09-20, 18:46:42
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Are you sure it is IR and not final render you have running? A screen capture video would help us see what you are selecting to be sure it's the right thing. Is it every scene, or just one? Which version of Cinema 4D and Corona (always important to mention that). Thanks!
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2023-09-22, 09:52:53
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To add to the advice from my colleague, have you also tried the viewport IR?
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