Author Topic: How to sample small lights consistently ?  (Read 407 times)

2023-09-13, 00:36:57


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Hi, i have a bit of trouble with an animation shot, i have a top view camera looking at a string light, it has lots of lights, the problem comes on the animation side, not all the bulbs show on each frame, I have tried different noise targets, solvers, corona settings, the best combination has been uping the resolution and lowering the noise target, but for an animation its all going to hurt the render time, anyone has experience in this ??
Im currently rendering at 2560*1440 and 5 noise target (was targeting 1920*1080 but its way worse..)

2023-09-13, 14:24:02
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Aram Avetisyan

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I am afraid that rendering for longer and for higher resolution is the only solution here. That is how pixel sampling works.
Imagine if the light sources where even smaller, and it was a real photo.

Bloom and glare may provide some solution here, as not only the pixel/subpixel of the light source will be sampled but also some effect from it, which may make the light source more visible or perceptually bigger.

The other more reliable solution is to simply make the light sources bigger.
In post, you can get rid of inconsistent light source frames by using some kind of temporal denoiser.
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2023-09-13, 15:03:08
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Are these lights geometry based and if so are you using self illumination on their materials? If yes, use Lightmtl instead, they will be sampled better that way.

Bloom and glare might not help if they're barely visible and the pixel values aren't there for it to add any effect.

Making the lights (slightly) bigger might be a good workaround though.

2023-09-13, 16:32:42
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Thx both for the answers, will try and get back with the result.