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I’ve been using laptops to work on 3DStudioMax and Corona for quite some time now. It’s not the best option - the screens are small and the rendering times are quite long. So, I’m thinking about an alternative.

Since I work always between my office and my home, the laptop makes the perfect sense, yet I’m thinking about getting two good screens and a “small size” computer, like a Mac Studio, but a Windows-PC obviously.

Screen-wise I’m looking at the Samsung ViewFinity S9 5K, yet I’m clueless about the actual computer. Is there anything around that is good and sturdy enough (and in a compact size!) that I could use for all my modelling/rendering needs? I must say that I work in interior design and I only render still images (3000x3000px tops!). Vidmate

Thank you!
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If the screen is the only issue, you can always plug the laptop into external screens.

In terms of performance, CPU is the most important thing, along with enough RAM to handle your typical scenes. The Benchmark results are a good guide on the performance of one CPU to another

After that, in terms of compact size etc. it is up to you, because you can always buy a case of your desired size and the components to go in it and build whatever specification of machine you want :) So you are not dependent on pre-built machines, if you want to open the door to building a machine that fits your exact needs. I don't think you will find anyone recommending a particular pre-built though, just recommending the CPU etc.
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