Author Topic: Decal not supported on render instances ?  (Read 507 times)

2023-07-07, 11:15:05


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The title is pretty explicit, but I should add that I'm talking about an instanced object with a decal on the original object, not on the instance itself.

It seems it doesn't work if the instance is in Render Instance mode, can you confirm ?

2023-07-07, 12:08:55
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Do you mean you place a decal so it affects Object A, then you make instanced copies of Object A, and then those instances show no sign of the decal effect? This would be expected - you'd have to also clone/copy the decal objects as well so that each instanced object has its own decal object.
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2023-07-07, 12:38:59
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This has been reported already but there is a workaround that should help with this as mentioned here:
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