Author Topic: Corona Proxy User Defined Preview Mesh  (Read 203 times)

2023-06-06, 14:54:48


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Now that photogrammetry is becoming so widely used it would be awesome if we could define a low poly mesh for CProxies to display rather than "full mesh" or "point cloud" modes.

Megascans in particular offers multiple LOD's of their models so it would be relatively easy for the user to download multiple "resolutions" of an asset, export one as their "high res" to be used at render time and keep the other purely as a viewport display if such an option were available.

Perhaps with enough user support Epic could be encouraged to automatically set this up in their exporter too :)


2023-06-06, 16:29:37
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I'm not arguing against the request, just want to let you know in case you already didn't, that 3ds Max has substitute modifier which would let you do what you request and it works with Corona proxies too. It's probably not as convenient to use as native option in proxy itself could be, but it's working solution nonetheless.
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