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2012-01-20, 20:15:22

Ludvik Koutny

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There is not any set of strict rules on this forum so expected behavior of forum members is based on common sense.  The usual rules apply: do not flame, be polite, no warez, etc.

Things that need to be explicitly said:
  • Stick to English when posting here, so we can understand each other.
  • Do NOT send private messages to forum members/administrators requesting trivial help/advice. Use the forum instead, or better yet, search older topics, the question might be already answered.
  • Do not spam the gallery with meaningless "nice picture" replies. Try to include some specific feedback in every gallery post.
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I've updated the first post to ask people not to PM me about trivial stuff. I have nearly 1000 messages in my inbox, and most of it is "Give daily builds" or "How do I Corona?". I don't have time or nerves to answer them anymore.
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