Author Topic: Mid production - Need Corona Indirect illumination render element  (Read 345 times)

2023-04-30, 04:16:19


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Hi as the title suggests we've been having a bad time with Corona and indirect illumination passes that are not available in the texture baking process!

We are forced to switch renderer just to render those passes which is making our life real hard in mid production right now, is there a quick way we can possibly get a nightly build with this feature exposed.

On a side note, compared to Vray Corona does lack substantial texture baking passes.

Many thanks!

2023-05-01, 13:15:55
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Unfortunately this is not something that can just be "exposed" and then turn up in a build, sorry. It is very true, and by design, that Corona has less features for texture baking - V-Ray has always aimed to be an "everything engine" while Corona has always been focused on fully photoreal archviz with occasional product design, where texture baking is not a primary need. You could send in a Feature Request for this one, for consideration in future versions of Corona.
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2023-05-02, 16:39:13
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Could you explain why exactly you need the indirect illumination texture baking element? What exactly are you doing? Maybe once we know that, we will be able to offer some solution or workaround.
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