Author Topic: Smarter Cosmos library - thoughts  (Read 802 times)

2023-04-01, 22:08:16


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I appreciate the convenience of Cosmos materials and objects at my fingertips but find it a little basic in its current form.

For example if I want to search for a 'plastic' material I get zero results. But there a plenty of objects in there with plastic materials that I could 'borrow' from. Some more property tagging would be helpful.

Also, having massive thumbnails of the materials without text is nice to look at, sometimes I want to READ what the material is (especially for wood materials) so I can choose by name as well. The same way that C4Ds material panel allows me to view by material, or material list etc.

What's New shows me stuff tagged with December 2022 content. Which isn't that new really. Especially as there were a bunch of humans added in 2023. But if I type 2023 I get zero results, not April 2023, but only april2023. Some smarter search functions would be welcome.

Also I can't 'select all then 'delete'' in the input field to delete my entry. I have to manually backspace my entry like it's the 1990s.

I'm suer I have more ideas....
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2023-04-02, 13:44:08
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Hi there, we have no control over how this is handled. Your best best is to submit a support ticket to us so we can forward it to the appropriate team. A link for that can be found in my signature below. ;)
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