Author Topic: Animated Corona proxies displaying in box mode during viewport preview  (Read 364 times)

2023-02-22, 05:23:49


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We usually test animated previews with the viewport 'Create preview animation' in 3dsmax. Previously in the proxy the full mesh mode would display correctly every frame, however in the recent upgrade to Corona 9 they go into box mode as if adaptive degradation is on, even when off. Have tried a lot of different viewport settings and enabling 'never degrade' in the object properties but no luck.

It seems like this would be intended to speed up timeline scrubbing however not sure where this has changed in a Max update or with Corona, and if there is a workaround to previz corona proxy animations?

max 2023.3 Corona 9 HF1

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2023-02-22, 11:39:42
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Aram Avetisyan

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This is the expected behavior, and this has nothing to do with adaptive degradation.
The preview changing to wirebox for a brief moment when changing the frames on timeline is because of asynchronous loading of proxies and textures, which makes loading times much faster.
If you hit play, you will see the animated proxies in wirebox, as there is no enough time between frames to load the set preview type.

Unfortunately this is a drawback coming with faster loading times.

You were probably using Corona 7 or older.

Hope this helps.
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