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2023-01-24, 21:20:37


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Hi,  I think the lack of a Blender category on the forum has answered my question ( :D )  but what is the situation with Corona support for Blender?

I can find something about Corona 3.0 but assume this isn't officially supported and that also Chaos wouldn't bother as Blender etc is open source.  I assume that'd open a can of worms.

The reason I'm asking is my boss wants us to get off Max because of the cost and wants us to go to Blender asap.

Other than the obvious loss of Forest Pack, Railclone etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc, Corona will be another loss at the company.


2023-01-24, 21:30:28
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  • Let's move this topic, shall we?
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There is a Blender board in the forum, you just didn't know how to find it. Now you do ;]
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