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2023-01-16, 20:19:48


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Does anybody use any client review/collaboration tools that have improved your workflow when it comes to client feedback on drafts etc?

We currently just issue drafts via email to the relevant parties and request feedback is provided by a given date, or we arrange a zoom meeting and everyone loads the images and we run through comments and changes that way.

Ideally I want this process to be much more centralized and collaborative and cloud based, so feedback is consolidated and not coming in waves from the different parties involved.

I've seen things like Ftrack and Filestage and Drawboard, but just wondered if anyone had any experience with any of these or anything similar that they would recommend.

2023-01-18, 06:39:08
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We went down this route and tried a collaboration option or two a few years back.  Honestly most of our clients are architects who preferred to use Bluebeam to mark up our pdf rather than learn a new tool.  We went back to more or less the process you describe.

Others will surely have more to add, but that was our experience for what it’s worth.  Cheers!

2023-02-06, 15:11:13
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I'd be interested in hearing of any suggestions too. Recently I've been looking into doing Kitsu self hosted but the set-up seems to be quite daunting.

2023-02-10, 10:01:25
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Philip kelly

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Forgive me you have tried this already.

Its the chaos one for free and the only down side is that the client has to login to chaos account.

But it works really well.

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2023-02-26, 17:44:55
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I had pretty good experience with Review Studio a few years back. Handles stills and video. If there is a need for some kind of an account it’s a no-go in my opinion. Too much friction. Click a link, type your name to id your comments - that is the most that can be realistically expected.

Nowadays I would probably try to push for something like Freeform on Ipad. Might be possible within architecture industry I guess. They do like IPads. Pencil and Apple’s ease of use for oldtimers used to scribbling notes on printed images and IPad’s display that I always considered very decent lowest common denominator regarding colour reproduction. Obviously tying review system to a certain device suddenly creates heaps of trouble. But it might just work.
Marcin Piotrowski

2023-03-02, 11:29:11
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