Author Topic: Corona VFB Shortcuts  (Read 599 times)

2022-11-11, 16:48:46


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The title says it all, would be great to have some customizable shortcuts in the framebuffer. Most useful would be Region, Pick and Save for me, but if you can give access to all the VFB buttons through shortcuts, I happy too. I guess it should be implemented with it's own context to avoid any conflict with shortcuts already mapped to some C4D commands.

Also, currently shortcuts don't work AT ALL where the mouse is focused on the VFB. For example I can't launch the IR with the shortcut if the VFB is active, I have to click on another C4D area first. Not a big deal but it would be great to see this fixed.

Thanks !

2022-11-15, 07:52:30
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Hi there, I have made a note of this. Thanks for the request.
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