Author Topic: Tiff File with Layers in Material  (Read 502 times)

2022-08-21, 11:55:58


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Is it possible to Setup a Material with Layers from a Tiff File ? PSD is possible, but i need to set the Blending Options of each layer. (Multiply/Screen/Hard Light)
I cannot use Bodypaint Option in Corona.

If i Split a Tiff file (all layers into single File), and i put it into the Layer  i dont know how to Setup Layers that are Transparent. PNG is big and the Texture is 12k/12k.

2022-08-22, 12:12:36
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Hi, You need to stack your textures in Photoshop (for example) and save it as an .psd.

Load that into your materials texture slot and choose ''Select'' from the Layerset. Choose which texture you need...

Add the .psd to the desired texture channels and repeat the process. ;)
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