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2022-08-11, 12:50:48


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Hello Corona Community,

I switched from VRay to FStorm about 6 years ago and now to Corona and I am really excited what it has to offer.
Anyways I see there are some things I think FStorm or VRay handles a bit better or much more intuitive.
So I want to give my 2 cents for improving this great render engine further.

1. an option for the IR to disable geometry update so that we can only tweak materials and the whole scene doesn't have to reload when doing a quick isolation toggle. This would make the workflow more fluent.
1.1 Fixed Resolution for the Frame Buffer like in VRay so it doesnt start all over again when drag the FB to a Monitor with diffrent resolution for example

2. please fix that the whole scene is re-rendered when a material is renamed

3. Procedural Clouds

4. iTooRailclone and ForestPack are disapearing during InteractiveRendering. This would be great if this could be fixed.

5. Don't know why but the Corona Color Picker is much slower in Corona as it perfoms in FStorm

6. Sometimes the Material in the Material Editor don't update automaticaly.

7. The Renderelement Mask_ID is not very intuitive when it comes to reflections. Why i have to tell the surrounding Materials that it have to propagate masks in reflections? In Fstorm you tell the RenderElement wich object you you want to mask and then say if it also affects reflection/refraction. You dont have to touch the surrounding materials for that information to propagate.

8. It would be much easier if you could  seperate the round edges parameter (and add a map slot for broken edges) from the bump map slot so it wouldnt get so confusing when fine tuning the maps

thanks in advance =)

2022-08-12, 10:52:17
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  • Let's move this topic, shall we?
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Moving to resolved, since the author has created separate posts for each request now.
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