Author Topic: Asset Modelling / Tutor for Max & Corona needed  (Read 1372 times)

2022-07-12, 12:01:45


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i have a small archviz company myself and i wouldn't call myself an 3ds max pro ;-)
I am in need for 2 different jobs/collaborations:

1. From time to time i need help with asset modelling in superb quality (like lamps, furniture and whatsoever)

2. I am looking for someone who can help me with improving my skills using max, corona and itoo. within the next weeks and month i am especially looking for someone who can help me with environmental modelling and rendering. not on a large scale but on a small scale. for example the garden of a residential house or a garden environment for a garden house for example. i am striving for super hyper mega realistic quality ;-)
tutoring shall be done online via skype or similar and a screen sharing software. i do speak german and english. i was thinking of paying you by the hour. so the tutoring will always be based on concrete ideas/references. i am not looking for general tutoring. i need someone who is working/showing me how to get the desired result.

so if u are interested. please send me a message with some fitting references and how much u wanna charge (per hour)
if u have any questions please let me know!