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2014-05-09, 21:30:29


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Hello guys, I made this "clay material" trying hard to simulate the effect of SSS. I made composition  of procedural maps for diffuse and translucency.

Link for download:

BUT!!!!!!! Attention!
I used at the composition of the material the "corona sky" shader, as it was not created for this purpose there are some problems.
To fix this turn on and off "affected by sky" whenever you open the file or material and when you edit any of parameters linked to difuse, doing this the material work properly.

I used the map "corona sky" because doing some testing I realized that the result of it being applied to difuse was interesting and seemed useful to try to make the effect of SSS.

There are some limitations to the use, such as use as a mask, try invert the map, some blend modes of the composite map and another problem I spoke above, about editing the material.
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2014-05-10, 00:35:03
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johan belmans

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Hi Tiago

again a great example of implementing your skills into Corona and get out the an awesome result, there are not that much people on the forum who will get to this level. I am a big fan of your posts.
But to be honest this is a damm good clay material, but IMHO for me SSS needs some translucency. Do you think that this setup will work for marble aswell?



2014-05-12, 23:41:31
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very nice!!!!
The material is like a labyrinth!!!!ahahahaah!!!
welldone !!!!

2014-05-14, 17:59:17
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Hum ! Material settings looks absolutely so complex !!!
But great job !
Thanks for sharing.

2019-02-03, 10:07:13
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Hozkr Mejia

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Link down, reupload please!

2019-02-05, 16:12:23
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Link down, reupload please!
It was almost 5 years ago. If it's removed, it's unlikely that the author still has that file. :)