Author Topic: Geopattern-like tool & Parallax Bump  (Read 1777 times)

2022-05-14, 17:36:38


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I hope now that V8 is out and development on v9 will begin we can finally get Geopattern-like tool & Parallax Bump.  Both are features we can not live without anymore after using them with Fstorm.  Geopattern has replaced a lot of scattering and even displacement mapping objects, and Parallax bump has replaced bump and normal mapping and almost most cases all displacement mapping even in some closeups.  I hope Corona Dev's take a serious look at these two features now.

2022-05-15, 13:13:56
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I completely agree, and if the parallax bump can still be replaced with a "cheap" 2.5D displacement, especially when we now can mix it  using layered mtl and decals, then the geopattern seems to me to be a must-have feature.

2022-09-15, 17:58:57
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done + duplicate
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