Author Topic: Corona keeps losing object' materials  (Read 309 times)

2022-05-11, 14:28:26


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Dear all,
recently I have started my Corona Cinema 4d efforts. As a person with allmost no experience in those two sotwares I encounter a problem which constantly drives me crazy. Maybe it is something that any of you have also experienced and knows a solution for it.
Every time I merge new object with materials to C4D some of the other objects, which are already in a scene, keeps losing their own material paths. I import different objects with different materials from differnt files on my PC so the path is not always the same. I know that there is a common problem while importing an object for the first time to C4D and then it can happen that it will be without materials.
My case is a different one. Everytime I apply materials to new different objects, the one already in a scene lose their materials.
 Could anyone help me with that?