Author Topic: Corona UvwRandomize All v1.0  (Read 3435 times)

2022-04-25, 22:04:34


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maybe someone will be interested in this tool:

It can randomize multiple maps at once. No need to copy UvwRandomizer node to all slots.
In addition it has presets for randomizer settings.

Video link:

I hope it will be useful.

2022-06-23, 09:02:37
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Guillaume G.

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Great script, saved a lot of time and dev who took the time to correct the errors with the FR version of max.


2023-08-05, 14:58:24
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amazing script a little suggest could make it much useful if you can incorporate the crop bitmap function beside uvw randomize would be even better.
In many scenarios I only use a portion of scanned materials and beside randomize I need to manual crop each bitmap (normal, diffuse, displace, etc)
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