Author Topic: Render Output Bit depth MADNESS  (Read 1033 times)

2021-09-15, 14:54:23


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Hi all.

I made the following post on the 3ds max forum too this morning but thought I'd also give here a try.


We're having issues with rendering animations & I've just found out statics too.

I first noticed it a few weeks ago.  We render to TIFF at 16bit (with alpha).

Scenes are set up etc but when loading on some systems the output changes to 8bit (no alpha).

I keep having to render 1 frame - stop - set it again to 16bit (alpha) - re-render.

And just found out that with the batchcam script for statics it's doing the same..... Kind of.

With that script you can't set the elements to be JPGs and the elements output the same as the base render - so they come out at 16bit (with alpha).

However, the elements are rendering as we would expect but the base image is coming out at 8bit.

This is VERY frustrating.  Can anyone advise on this?

We're using Max 2019 & Corona 6




2021-09-24, 15:50:20
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Aram Avetisyan

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Hi Sean,

This seems more like a 3ds Max "limitation" or bug. I actually had some trouble changing render elements' output directory while using Batch Render, cannot quite recall the issue but it was just not working, and manually, through maxscript command running I was able to reset output directories and get the elements saved and the right directory.
I guess you can try something like that, resetting everything which can be "bugging" this, then having a fresh set up of the parameters and outputs you want.
You may also try other formats, depending on the compositing/editing you will be doing. EXR is one that comes to my mind, never had a problem with it.