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2021-07-30, 07:56:39


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Hi. I had a problem few months ago, I was working with a scene, and everything work fine but after some windows update, the file need 1 hour for open. Sometimes more, in the task manager needed 100% cpu process and massive ram. I restored windows before update and everything worked again.... but now I have the same problem, but there were no windows updates. Some information:
-If uninstall corona render, the scene is opened very fast.
-I'm not using xref file, isn't a complex file, and only one camera animation, not more animations layers.
-If I remove all materials in the scene (apply standar material without any textured for example to all geometry), the scene open fast.
-I'm using last version of corona and 3dsmax 2021.
Thanks for any help.

2021-07-30, 13:11:54
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Can you send in the scene via private uploader? (see links in my signature)
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2021-07-30, 13:14:09
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Can you try opening your file with Corona 7?

Also, can you try changing your viewport texture resolution to 1k or 512 and check if it works?

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