Author Topic: Finally clipping plane?????  (Read 1081 times)

2021-06-05, 13:18:00


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Ive been a long time reading to posts for the corona clipping plane as Vray does. I need to clip a scene but not from the camera to cut a scene in half.

Does the team already (after lots of requests ) added clipping plane with fill option? Im impressed that team could not implement that simple option into the renderer.

BTW. Any ideas of how to do clipping plane that its not from the camera and not using slice plane and cap method?


2021-06-07, 19:46:39
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Depending on how many materials you have you could always use the coronadistance map in the opacity map trick.  See below.  But it relies on manipulating the opacity slot in your materials, so may not work for you very well: