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2012-03-14, 16:07:11


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Hi all :)

I have playing with Corona render a bit on this scene (product vis), but what I can't figure out is:

- I have put 3 lights in the scene, but there is one big light that I can't found from where to switch it off, so the only 3 lights to be used in lightning;
- There is no round corners in material option yet (it's very useful);
- is there a better control of Exposure in the scene?
- Will be there in future A&D mats compatible with Corona render?

Continue to playing with Corona :)


2012-03-14, 18:37:06
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Ludvik Koutny

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Hi, a very nice result! Could you tell us what was the rendertime?

I know i promised some additional docs for materials, lights and sky, and i am still working on it, but i have a bit of primary work to do lately, so it is going to get a little slower :)

Now, for your questions:

The big light you can not turn off will be probably background color. Background color illuminates scene by default, and as long as there is no map in environment slot, background color is going to be active and illuminate scene. Try to set background color to black in render settings.

Rounded corners are taken into consideration, may be very well there for the next version ;)

For now we have only basic controls, but some more complex exposure control is planned. For now, intensity multiplier changes brightness, white multiplier reduces light burn. So if you want more contrasty output, try to lower intensity multiplier first, and then lower white multiplier until you get contrast you want :)

A&D material compatibility would be nearly impossible, but we are thinking of making some material converter that would convert most common materials (including A&D or VrayMTL) into CoronaMTL. This is going to take a while though ;)

Hope it helps :)

2012-11-12, 08:13:49
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hi all.nice work
i have some question.when i assign the material in a object... when render have a bad Result .texture vary blur!!!
i can not make a reflective material !!!for what?How did it?
speed render vary good.corona suport vray hdri!

2012-11-12, 09:16:44
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maxvray: you need to lower in material bitmap blur amount in texture filtering...

2012-11-12, 12:57:55
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